'Pimp My Ride' host, Xzibit, has emotionally revealed that the tragic loss of his new-born son in 2008 led to an unfortunate break down in his career as a rapper and actor. Alvin Joiner, better known as Xzibit, was understandably devastated when his son, Xavier Kingston Joiner, was born premature and died in May, 2008. The rapper has taken years to return to the recording booth since the death, yet his return is to be signified by the upcoming release of his very personal album, 'Napalm'.

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Xzibit, who has two other sons - Tremayne and Gatlyn - spoke to Billboard's 'Close Up' series, to explain: "I haven't put out a record for six years. I had a real personal tragedy. Xavier Kingston was my second born son and he passed away prematurely. He lived for 13 days then he passed. Not only was it devastating to me but to my girl. It [is] something that you just can't just up and (say), 'Oh well, guess I better go tour.' It ain't like that. You know? So sometimes you have to disconnect yourself from that."