Rapper Xzibit clashed with an Australian concert promoter backstage at a show in Adelaide on Wednesday (23Apr14) after accusing him of poor event management.

Sources close to the X hitmaker, real name Alvin Joiner, claim Patrick Whyntie, who booked the star to perform at the Adelaide UniBar, failed to provide adequate transport for his guest, forcing Xzibit and members of his entourage to flag down taxis to take them from the airport to a hotel and on to the soundcheck.

And when a car Whyntie had reportedly booked to pick Xzibit up for the gig failed to show, the rap star lost his cool and confronted the promoter when he finally arrived at the venue.

In shaky video footage of the incident, he can be seen shouting at Whyntie before hurling a metal chair in anger.

Police were called to the venue to settle the dispute, but no arrests were made and Xzibit eventually hit the stage later that night.

During his show, the rapper made his frustration at the lack of organisation clear and led fans in a chant of "F**k you, Patrick!", but the promoter insists he did nothing wrong.

In his own Facebook.com explanation of the fall out, Whyntie claims he treated Xzibit "like royalty", but alleges he turned into a "drunken d**khead" and threw a tantrum backstage for no reason.

Xzibit has yet to comment directly on the incident.