XBOX One gamers looking forward to Sniper Elite 3 be warned: the game requires a mammoth 10GB first day patch, which replaces some of the mandatory install size.

The install size for the World War II sniper game, which is set in Africa, stood just under 20GB, but the day one patch will replace 14GB of it.

Sniper Elite 3 screenshotSniper Elite 3 - Picture: Rebellion

Rebellion's official explanation sounds something like this: 

"The main part of the update is to sync data between the game's retail discs and the Xbox Live digital download edition of the game. In the several weeks between sending the code off to manufacture and release, rather than sit around or take a break, we've continued to work on the game, making improvements and optimisations.

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"We've also begun work on multiplayer DLC and a small part of this update is to introduce a compatibility pack. This is standard for any game that adds DLC - it's just to make sure everyone can have the same multiplayer experience whether they own DLC or not."

Of course, the Xbox One’s hardware is universal, meaning that install speeds are the same whoever you are. Broadband connections on the other hand… Yep. Rebellion addressed that too. 

"While we understand gamers will be frustrated at the wait, the good news is that the update will actually reduce the size of the game's total install footprint on their hard drive, and reduce the size of future patches significantly.

Sniper Elite 3
Sniper Elite 3 - Picture: Rebellion

"It's part of this ongoing optimisation process that's enabled Sniper Elite 3 to perform well at a native 1080p on both Xbox One and PS4. We appreciate everyone's patience and we firmly believe Sniper Elite 3 will be worth the wait!"

The first SE:3 reviews will be hitting the web this week; we’ll round them up and let you know if it is indeed worth that huge 10GB download.