Murdered: Soul Suspect arrived today, but instead of providing a worthy alternative to Watch Dogs, which everyone is playing, it has whimpered into existence, receiving lukewarm reviews upon its entry to a wholly non-saturated genre. 

Murdered Soul Suspect

As Detective Ronan O'Connor, your primary role is to solve crimes. The twist: you’re a ghost and you’re trying to solve your own murder. Unfortunately, the majority of the critics weren’t impressed with the core dynamic of the game, leading to a score of 59 on Metacritic. 

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“As a game that is entirely centred on solving cases - Murdered has no free-roaming or driving or gunplay or the like to balance things out - this is doubly crucial. It's sad then, that Soul Suspect is an inarguable failure in this regard. Pretty much every crime scene plays out the same: you're in a room, and are told that there are x number of clues to collect,” wrote Joel Gregory for CVG, awarding ‘M:SS’ a paltry score of 5. 

“There are some great concepts in Murdered: Soul Suspect, but they feel undercooked or underutilised, and the lack of demand for any real input from us makes Murdered feel like a pick-a-path game where there’s only one path,” suggested Lucy O’Brien for IGN. 

"It's still a great looking game, and the core narrative is a fun, if underdone and derivative one,” goes Digitally Downloaded’s review. “It's simply disappointing that this game had a reasonably large budget, and in the process it lost some of its identity and seems to be shoehorned into some very unnecessary and destructive mechanics. This game would have been far better off being made for a fraction of the budget by a small team willing to take real risks.”

Polygon was slightly more encouraging of Soul Suspect, going as far as saying it’s a “playable B-movie” - “Murdered: Soul Suspect is awash in tropes, but somehow, that's part of the charm. It's a pulpy detective tale remixed as a classic ghost story,” wrote Danielle Riendeau.