In case you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, Tuesday, 17 September saw the release of one of the most hotly anticipated releases in gaming history; Grand Theft Auto 5. Boasting a free-roaming map of an unfathomable size, a long, challenging and rewarding storyline and as much mindless violence to make the most deranged video game fan happy, there was little doubting the fact that GTA V was big news.

The game, like all the games, carries a 18 certificate. So who's really to blame if your child plays it?

With such a furore surrounding the newest release from RockStar Games, there was a threat of the title not living up to expectations in the sales front, but these worries were soon shattered as GTA enthusiasts from across the globe queued over night to get their hands on the controversial RPG. Take-Two Interactive Software, the games' publishers, said that the first day sales of the game were the biggest it had ever seen, as the game has clearly failed to lose any of it's appeal after 16 years since the first GTA came out on the Playstation. And just how well exactly did the game do, how does $800 million well sound?

That's just the first day takings too, and if spending is going to continue like it has done, then there really is no end as to where the final sales figures could place. Call of Duty: Black Ops II was previously one of the highest earning video games of all time, earning $1 billion in sales after 15 days on the market, a day earlier than it's predecessor (CoD: Black Ops) managed to reach the same target. It looks as though GTA will be able to smash this record by a whole week if sales are anything remotely like what they were like on the opening day.

You can play as one of three character in the game.

The Grand Theft Auto games, which take place in a world where the line between good and bad is wildly blurred and players are allowed to commit a host of atrocities in the name of the game, has inevitable become a scapegoat for politicians and others for explaining violence in society, as commentators have claimed that the game's brutality glamorises gang life. Still, this hasn't stopped people from going out and buying the title in their droves, and the overall word on the street is, GTA V is the best GTA yet, so don't let the naysayers dissuade you from it's bloody, violent allure.