It’s almost June. The temperature is rising, the flowers are blooming, and everyone is scurrying to make plans with their friends on how to make the upcoming season a summer to remember. But, even with school out and the sun shining as bright as ever, the next few months are going to be a bit tough to get through if you’re a video game fan. While spring isn’t a massive season for games, it gets even worse during the summer. From June 10 to June 12 will be E3, otherwise known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Murdered Soul SuspectMurdered: Soul Suspect is one of the most intruiging games of the season

Gamers will get to see what their favorite studios have under wraps as far as their projects go, but the worst part is that every exciting game shown off is just merely a preview for something that won’t be released for quite a while. The anticipation adds to the summer pain. However, the summer isn’t completely hopeless for games, and while you’ll have to wait until fall to get a taste of new Call of DutyBattlefield, or Assassin’s Creed, there’s plenty of titles coming out soon that should hold you over until then.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Perhaps one of the most intriguing games of the season, Murdered: Soul Suspect puts you in the shoes of a deceased detective trying to solve his own murder. This action-adventure game made by Square Enix and Airtight Games allows you to control his ghost as you use your supernatural abilities to fend off demons and possess some things of your own while scouring the city for clues. Murdered: Soul Suspect will be released on June 3 for current and last generation consoles.

Watch DogsWatch Dogs has been hugely anticipated for some time

Watch Dogs

Recently released this past week across six different platforms, Watch Dogs started the summer season off with a bang. The open-world sandbox game developed by Ubisoft combines stealth, gunplay, and parkour to make for an incredible experience. As you take the role of Aiden Pierce, a hacker who’s seeking revenge after a family tragedy, you use his hacking skills to make life hell for anyone getting in your way. An immersive online mode allowing you to invade others’ games and hack them rounds out a title that’s bound to land on a ton of end of the year lists.

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Sniper Elite 3Sniper Elite 3 hits stores on July 1

Sniper Elite 3

This World War II shooter hits stores July 1 across all major platforms, and it follows up 2012’s Sniper Elite V2. Sporting weapon and character customization, larger battlefields, smarter AI from previous 'Sniper Elite' games, and an improved cooperative/competitive multiplayer mode, Sniper Elite 3 is going to be more than serviceable if you’re itching for a new third person shooter to keep you busy until the bigger ones arrive in the fall.

DestinyDestiny is the most anticpated game of the year


Destiny is arguably the most anticipated game of the entire year, and it’s for good reason. Developed by game studio Bungie, it’s the company’s first game since their successful run with the Halo series. Destiny is a massively multiplayer online action role-playing first-person shooter, which sounds pretty big. That’s because it is. With a budget of $500 million, it’s the most expensive video game ever produced, and when it closes out the summer on September 9, we’ll see exactly why it was worth every penny.

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