Announced at E3 - where else? – the final instalment of the Batman: Arkham Knight trilogy will feature exclusive Scarecrow missions for PS4 users only. We also got to see a new trailer with plenty of good old fashioned beat ‘em up content, and, of course, a better look at the Batmobile. 

Batman Arkham Knight

"How many more bones would you crush," Scarecrow says in the frankly awesome gameplay trailer. "How many lives will you destroy in pursuit of what you call justice? You are the product of everything you fear: violence, darkness, helplessness." According to Andrew House, president and group chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America, the Scarecrow nightmare missions will only be available on PlayStation – sorry XBOX folks. 

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Unfortunately, though, no one will be playing any Arkham Knight missions – Scarecrow or otherwise – until 2015 due to a delay. We were supposed to see it this year, but in a bid to nail their last entry into the trilogy, Rocksteady Studios decided to take their sweet time. 

"We just want to make this the best experience that we can, and that takes time," Rocksteady Studios marketing manager Guy Perkins told GameSpot. "We feel that we have an absolutely awesome game in the works, and we want to make it as great as it possibly can be. We just need more time to do that. If we didn't give the team more time to do it, then we would be releasing something that we weren't happy with. We want to make sure we're absolutely nailing it 100 percent."

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If it means a better game, then of course we’re happy to wait the extra few months to get our hands on it. In real terms, considering Arkham Knight was probably heading for a fall 2014 release, we’ll only be waiting until March/April anyway. Viva la Batman, Bat fans.