FIFA Football 2004 - XBOX

Games - FIFA Football 2004 - XBox review
FIFA Football 2004 - XBox review

EA Sports have set the precedent for other football game designers by taking a huge leap in the quality, quantity and control that is available to the game player with the introduction of the superb FIFA Football 2004.


The content of this game is immense, encompassing many seperate games into a complete football package, from playing a simple friendly game, to the Career Mode (new) which allows you the chance to pick any team, be it a Premiership team or a team from the Nationwide Division 3, work your way through the league tables, sign new players and make them into true title contenders. The improved level of detail in action, realism and responsiveness truly takes you to the edge of your seat, brilliantly and with ease drawing you into the world of football. With much improved stadium atmospheres, scene settings, commentry and attention to detail in each football club, plus the

Games - FIFA Football 2004 - XBox review

gameplay detail, EA Sports with FIFA Football 2004 have truly layed down the gauntlet.


* This is a game which takes time to adjust to, since for the XBox has never really had any truly impressive football games available. There is a lot to take on board initially before you can really play the game to its fullest potential.

* Some of the camara views are complicated. I have found that there have been delays with changing camera views from taking corners and freekicks, back to standard game play. this can often disorientate the game player.

* The gameplay is much improved, with the introduction of the Off The Ball control feature, allowing you to direct other members of the team into attacking and breaking positions. I found this rather difficult to control to begin with, but stick at it, as it does get much easier in time.

* Be your own player manager with FIFA's intense Career Mode. Build your own squad and guide your club to the Championship by making calculated decisions. Manage your team's budget and bring through or drop your players to sustain team objectives on the pitch. When one season ends and another begins new challenges will present themselves. The player managers should also be ready for promotions, as some of the world's top clubs may have new job offers.

* More than 500 official licenses, including 16 leagues, 350 teams and 10,000 players are available. Play with teams from Europe's super leagues to the Americas Club Championship, which allows you to play with the top clubs from the top European leagues such as Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France. FIFA Football 2004 provides for the most authentic selection of the world's top teams, players, and environments.


I am now hooked on this game. As a Leeds United fan myself, to me this game allows me to remember the good old days when we could win games. It is a comprehensive and realistic advance for XBox football gaming, with only minor flaws that are soon forgotten through it true addictiveness.

8.5 out of 10

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