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Getting Into The Religion Of Grand Theft Auto V: What Are The Rules Of The Epsilon Program?

With Grand Theft Auto V arriving this autumn, Rockstar Games have given us an insight into the game’s religion: The Epsilon Program. You can expect Rockstar’s usual wit and cynicism here.So what is The Epsilon...

What Can We Expect From Sony's Playstation 4?

In the ever advancing entertainment market of recent history, three huge gaming giants are fighting to be top dog in terms of both sales and gameplay; they are Sony with the PlayStation, Nintendo Co., and...

Massive Attack Influenced Halo 4

Neil Davidge's 'Halo 4' soundtrack is influenced by Massive Attack.The record producer and composer has worked with electronic band since the nineties - contributing to albums 'Mezzanine', '100th Window', 'Collected' and 'Heligoland' - and says...

Usher Knew He Had Longevity

Usher always knew he'd have a long career.The 'OMG' hitmaker was just 16 years old when he released his self-titled debut album in 1994 and insists he has no plans to ever give up music...

Usher Likes Hearing Himself Sing

Usher loves listening to his own music.The 'OMG' hitmaker is always keen to explore new songs by different artists but admits his own work is a regular feature on his playlists.He said: ''Right now I'm...

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