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Saints Row: The Third Preview, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Saints Row has entertained the casual gamer for hours ever since the original game was released in summer 2006. With its similarities to hit game Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row offers a real pick up and play for fun feel. Huge sales prompted a sequel, with Saints Row 2 being released in October 2008. And now, on November 18th, Saints Row: The Third is released.

Saints Row: The Third Preview, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Preview

Spyro wowed the gaming world in 1998 when 'Spyro the Dragon' was released, with its adorable character and its great playability, and after being brought back through the 'Legend of Spyro' series, Spyro is back for the third time in the shape of 'Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure', due for release 14th October.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Preview

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Bethesda know how to make a good game, they've shown that with Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, which both won game of the year awards in 2006 and 2008 respectively. And now they're bringing us another instalment of the Elder Scrolls series, with Skyrim, coming to stores near you 11th November.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview - Xbox 360, PS3, PC

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Battlefield 3 Preview, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Battlefield 3 is due for release on 28th October and it looks a very exciting prospect. Set on the Iraq/Iran border, Earthquakes are making a mess of the landscape for the US forces, with the game using the new Frostbite 2 game engine to create this. The various game play trailers that have been released show the new Frostbite 2 engine in full swing, with the authenticity of sounds and graphics at a new all time high. From echoing bullets to whistling RPGs, Battlefield 3 really does have it all in terms of noise.

Battlefield 3 Preview, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Review Xbox 360

Look away you weekend warriors, as Flashpoint is back! With a strong emphasis on realism over run and gun, authenticity over auto-aim and sophistication over spray and pray, Operation Flashpoint: Red River takes the now ubiquitous Middle Eastern modern warfare setting into much deeper tactical terrain. It's a refreshing antidote to the arcadey, all-action Call of Duty franchise but it's also not without its flaws. The question is, when it comes to enjoyment, can Flashpoint's slow burn of intensity match the rapid-fire of its less realistic peers?

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Enslaved Odyssey to the West, Review Xbox 360

Enslaved is a brand new, third person action adventure set on Earth 200 years after an unnamed disaster destroyed civilization and left mankind as separate tribes fighting to survive against the threat of evil mechanoid slavers. Located mainly in the overgrown ruins of New York and the surrounding wasteland, the tale focuses on the plight of two innocent characters lost in the ruins. Monkey, a powerful and athletic warrior and his travelling companion Flip, a tech smart young woman, are thrust together after the slave ship they are both imprisoned on crash lands. It's a simple enough tale but one that stands out in the way that it is told. Perfectly animated facial expressions, superbly acted voices and genuinely engaging dialogue all make the story and developing relationship between Monkey and Flip believable and captivating. It is a rare thing for a computer game to inspire genuine concern for its characters in the player, Enslaved manages it with aplomb. The arrival of Flip's portly pal Pigsy later in the game also brings with it some great moments of humour as well.

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Dead to Rights: Retribution, Review Xbox 360

Jack Slate is back and he's very, very miffed. His beloved Grant city is being terrorised by gangs of organised hoodlums and there is only one language that they understand, a series of horrifically violent takedowns at the hands and (paws) of Jack and his canine companion Shadow. A twisted combination of ultra violence and film noir cliches, Dead to Rights: Retribution is chock to the brim with visceral hand to hand combat and satisfying gun play, topped with just enough variety to keep things from getting stale.

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Dead Rising 2, Preview Xbox 360

Capcom's, much loved, "Chop 'til you Drop' Zombie action title Dead Rising returns on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The original Dead Rising title saw Frank West hack his way through a small town shopping mall, Day of the Dead style. Now in Dead Rising 2 the zombies have taken over America's new capital of entertainment, Fortune City.

Chuck Greene, motivated by saving his young daughters life, needs your help to carve his way down Fortune City's zombie infested strip.

One of the great things about the Dead Rising combat system is anything that you can pick up can be used as a weapon which fit in brilliantly with the shopping mall theme of the first title. Now in Dead Rising 2 the variety of "pick up and use" weapons is far greater and the City's Casinos, bars and shops provide imaginative and sometimes comical new weaponry.

As well as the pick up and use weaponry Dead Rising 2 takes combat even further with some totally unique weapons that are perfect for splatting zombies! First up is the paddle saw a rather messy but fun weapon that is two chain saws attached to a long paddle stick the other is known as the bucket drill and kind of speaks for itself.

When it comes to the multi-player part of this game the developer, Blue Castle Games, have taken the multi-mode and run with it. Chuck finds himself competing in the zombie gladiator TV show "Terror is Reality" where players take on arenas of zombies for points and prizes.

All in all this title looks to have taken a great premise and used creative ideas to build on the best. We can't wait to get slashing.


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Def Jam Icon, EA Games, Competition

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), in partnership with Def Jam Interactive, announced today that DEF JAM: ICONT will be released for the PLAYSTATIONr3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360T video game and entertainment system in March 2007 in North America and Europe. Infusing hip-hop music, culture and lifestyle into the gameplay, EA Chicago and urban lifestyle powerhouse Def Jam Interactive, continue to push the boundaries of game development bringing unique and innovative content to the next generation of gaming.

"Music is the cornerstone of hip-hop culture so we wanted to incorporate music and rhythm into the actual gameplay mechanics," said Kudo Tsunoda, executive producer and General Manager of EA Chicago. "In DEF JAM: ICON, we are changing the way fighting games are played! We are completely innovating the role of the environments in the games, moving from the typical lifeless arenas the hip-hop celebrities are fighting in to environments that play an instrumental part in the fight where they will react to the music and interact with both characters like a third fighter."

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Lost Planet Extreme Condition, Review Xbox360, Capcom Eurosoft

Lost Planet
Review Xbox360
Capcom Eurosoft

The Human Race is looking for a new planet to colonize. Surely there is a better option than a freezing hell-hole inhabited by 100ft tall spiders?

Developed by the team behind such classics as Onimusha and Devil May Cry Lost Planet is a high adrenalin bullet charged romp of a shooter.

In Lost Planet you play as a human snow pirate navigating VS (Vital Suits) through unforgiving arctic environments, fighting against the indigenous Akrid creatures for the precious thermal energy they need to survive.

For one such pilot named Wayne, death almost seemed imminent until he was fortunately rescued. However, he can only remember a few fragments of his past including the slaying of his father by these enigmatic menaces. Yet under the shroud of ice, a devious plan has been set into motion by the Neo Venus Construction Corporation (NEVEC) that plans to sterilize the world of all Akrid and snow pirates alike. What really happened to Wayne and how will his destiny become intertwined with NEVEC's plans?

Lost Planet is a third person shooter with some natty little features. You control Wayne from a typical third person, over the shoulder, view and it's your job to shoot your way to victory. The games layout is the standard - level, boss format with the bosses getting more and more hardcore as the game transpires.

You use the 2 analogue sticks to move and look while the coloured buttons have been put to good use for taking cover and moving from point to point. The control you have over Wayne is very impressive, although it does take a bit of mastering.

Within the levels you get to command highly powered armed vehicles and weapons not only to help you traverse the treacherous terrain, but to eliminate enemies that lie ahead. It is quick and easy to strategically switch from vehicles, including transformable snow vessels, to on-foot game-play as dictated by your situation. Lost Planet is a fast-paced third-person shooter with a science fiction twist but the story doesn't make enough sense for you to care about the finer details.

An array of online game-play possibilities await including Downloadable content such as maps, missions and weapons. There is also online multiplayer cooperative and versus battles with up to 16 players featuring the standard death-match, team and capture the flag type modes. This is where Lost Planet is at it's best but I have to say there is so much "online team-play" available today that I don't know if Lost Planet has what it takes to really compete with the big boys.

Graphically the characters are sweet. Whether it's your team members or the toweringly immense creatures you encounter along the way the design has a feel of originality. Even when your screen is rammed with action there are no graphical glitches to report and some of the bosses are truly scary looking.

The environments are also pretty stunning. You will encounter Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering buildings, mountains of ice and much more as you take the battle to the Akrids. The graphical rendering of the planet is superb and you actually get a chilly feeling from the drifting snow and ice. Battles take place above and below ground as the human race strives to survive the bitter conditions.

SO as you can tell - this game has impact. Lost Planet is a well constructed third person shooter with some impressive graphics. The only things that hold the game back are the staleness of the genre, in real terms there is nothing new here, and a completely convoluted plot - by half way through I had given up on the story line - it is very confusing.

So overall if you are looking to blast your way through some impressive scenery then you could do much worse than Lost Planet especially as the multiplayer section is very good but if you are looking for something more engaging and original then there really isn't anything here you haven't seen a million times before.

8 out of 10


STAR TREK LEGACY, Preview Xbox 360, Ubisoft


Preview Xbox 360


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