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Getting Into The Religion Of Grand Theft Auto V: What Are The Rules Of The Epsilon Program?

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With Grand Theft Auto V arriving this autumn, Rockstar Games have given us an insight into the game’s religion: The Epsilon Program. You can expect Rockstar’s usual wit and cynicism here.

So what is The Epsilon Program? Well perhaps this little message – released with the video – will help you understand. "The Goals and the Pledge of Epsilon will continue to be revealed in due time. The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place. We invite you to visit one of our enlightenment centers. Directions will be provided in one week's time." Yeah; you don’t understand it yet do you? That’s fine, it would be pretty weird if you did. Check out the video below.

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What Can We Expect From Sony's PlayStation 4?

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In the ever advancing entertainment market of recent history, three huge gaming giants are fighting to be top dog in terms of both sales and gameplay; they are Sony with the PlayStation, Nintendo Co., and Microsoft with the Xbox. Most recently, Sony have been scratching their heads at developing their latest console, PlayStation 4, following the somewhat tragic sales of PlayStation 3 after only 63.9 million were sold worldwide compared with 102.4 million for the original PS and a massive 155 million for the PS2.

So, what have they done to ensure record-breaking sales this time round? Well, it seems that cost has become the main concern given that the PS3 was on the shelf for a whopping £405 ($640) in 2006; admittedly a LOT more than its predecessors and its biggest rival at the time, the Nintendo Wii. Weighing up the figures, Sony have decided that they will release their new console for a fraction of that price at around £270 ($430). That buys you some pretty nifty new features such as high-performance graphics chips for an even further improved gaming experience, a touchpad controller and access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter so that people can share and play together. On the other hand, if you live in the UK you mustn't forget about VAT which adds an extra 20% on to that price taking it up to as much as £325. But don't worry, you've got plenty of time to save up as it won't be hitting the shelf over here until 2014! Japan and America get first dibs on the revolutionary priced console and, with it set to be first announced at a New York press conference on February 20th 2013, it looks like Christmas will be a super busy period for Sony.

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NeverDead, Review Xbox 360

The likes of demons and immortality have been covered in many video games before, although no games before have been like Konami's latest release NeverDead.

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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review, Xbox 360

Flying games are few and far between on major consoles today, with only IL2: Sturmovik, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. and Ace Combat flying the flag for this genre of game. And it's not hard to see why, as aviation and gaming don't often mix well, it's ended up being a very small niche market. Assault Horizon is the 12th game in the Ace Combat franchise brought to you by Namco.

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Silent Hill: Downpour Preview - Xbox 360, PS3

Silent Hill is one of the scariest game franchises out there, and has been since Silent Hill came out for the original PlayStation back in 1999. Silent Hill: Downpour is the eighth instalment in the series, and is due for release on 25th October 2011.

Silent Hill: Downpour Preview - Xbox 360, PS3

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Forza Motorsport 4 Preview, Xbox 360

If you're a petrolhead, who has an Xbox 360 but no PS3, and you want a proper driving simulator, Forza Motorsport is the one for you. With its stunning visuals and unbelievably expansive range of drivable vehicles, it really does rate up there with Gran Turismo. With three successful games in the series already, Forza is ready to add the 4th, Forza 4, out 14th October.

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Gears of War 3 Preview, Xbox 360

The final instalment of the epic video game saga, Gears of War is set to be released on 20th September, and it's ready to be as groundbreaking as its two predecessors. Bad news if you don't have an Xbox 360, though, as it's a Microsoft Studios game and they've opted once more to make it exclusive to the 360.

Gears of War 3 Preview - Xbox 360

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Dark Souls, Preview

It is likely that many of us who only own an Xbox 360 missed out playing last year's PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls, a brutally challenging yet critically acclaimed action RPG that sprang to the pole position on many a gamer's best of 2010 list. Thankfully this October sees Microsoft's console (and well as the PS3) blessed with the release of its spiritual successor, the similarly sinisterly named Dark Souls. Developed by From Software, the guys behind the first game, Dark Souls promises to be bigger, better, and if you can believe it, harder.

Dark Souls - Preview

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, Review Xbox360

Much like their namesake, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise of golfing sims has been in a bit of a decline in the last few years. Although not accused of having extra-marital relations, they have been hitting under par of late after a run of sloppy sequels. For the 12th edition EA Sports have given the series a bit of a revamp. For the first time Tiger is off the cover, replaced instead by the games new focus, the ultra exclusive Augusta National Golf Club, home of the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, The Masters. Along with a new caddy system, it is a breath of fresh air in a stale franchise, but is it enough to launch the series out of the bunker and on to the green?

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Review Xbox 360

Boasting input from Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear fame), an epic production budget and an all-star cast to boot, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is by far the best looking and slickest game so far in the illustrious Castlevania series. Not only that, in doing away with the traditional 2D side-scrolling format and incorporating many brand new combat elements, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is also an ambitious attempt to bring the series up to date. But with heavy competition from the likes of God of War and the recent Enslaved, is Castlevania alive and kicking or is the eternal battle against Dracula getting a little long in the tooth?

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