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Wyclef Jean (born Nelust Wyclef Jean, 17.10.1972)

Wyclef Jean is best known as a member of the hip-hop band The Fugees and is also an actor and record producer.

Wyclef Jean: Biography

Wyclef Jean was born in Haiti, in Croix-des-Bouquets. His foster father was a pastor and the family moved to Brooklyn New York when Wyclef was nine. They later moved to New Jersey.

Wyclef Jean: Musical Career

The Fugees' debut album Blunted on Reality was released on Ruffhouse Records, to mild critical success and moderate sales. However, it was the follow-up album The Score which really propelled the band to stardom, eventually selling over 17 million copies across the globe.

Wyclef started his own solo career with the release of Wyclef Jean Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee All-Stars, in 1997. Commonly known as The Carnival, the album featured a number of guest stars such as Lauryn Hill and Pras as well as Wyclef's siblings, Melky Sedeck and Farel Sedeck Guerschom Jean and the I Threes, Bob Marley's backing vocalists. Two singles from the album, 'We Trying to Stay Alive' (an adaptation of 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees) and 'Gone Till November' were both hits.

Wyclef's second solo album, The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book was released in 2000. This time, his guest stars included Mary J. Blige, Youssou N'Dour, Kenny Rogers and The Rock. His collaboration with Mary J. Blige, '911', was released as a single and Wyclef won the Best Hip-Hop Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Jean released three more albums between 2002 and 2004: Masquerade, The Preacher's Son and Sak Pasé Presents: Welcome to Haiti (Creole 101). The latter was largely sung in his native Haitian Creole language.

In 2004, Wyclef Jean contributed two songs to movie soundtracks. Firstly, he recorded a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Fortunate Son' for The Manchurian Candidate. Secondly, he penned 'Million Voices' for the film Hotel Rwanda.

The Fugees experienced a brief reunion and series of gigs between 2004 and 2006, fuelled by a performance on Dave Chapelle's Block Party. However, it has been reported that the eventual abandonment of any ideas to record a new album were down to Lauryn Hill's attitude toward the group working as a team together again.

Wyclef Jean: Personal Life

Wyclef Jean married Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean in 1994. Marie is a fashion designer. They have one adopted daughter together, named Angelina Claudinelle. They adopted her when she was three months old.

Wyclef Jean: Humanitarian Endeavours

Wyclef Jean established the Yéle Haiti foundation in 2005. The fund was set up to assist the education of children in Gonaives, after the destruction caused by Hurricane Jeane. In its first year, the foundation provided scholarships to 3,600 children and this figure was almost doubled in its second year. Wyclef's friends Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were in attendance for the first anniversary of the launch.

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Wyclef Jean Isn't The First Star To Be Wrongfully Detained By Cops

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean has expressed anger on social media over a recent case of mistaken identity, whereby the Haiti singer was detained and cuffed by LAPD cops before they realised they had the wrong person. It represents a worrying trend for US law enforcement and just goes to show how being famous doesn't make you any less of a target.

Wyclef Jean hosts Remy Martin eventWyclef Jean seen hosting Remy Martin event in 2016

The 'Gone Till November' hitmaker posted a clip on Instagram featuring two cops handcuffing him in West Hollywood at around 1am today (March 21st 2017) and refusing to explain why he was being detained. He then posted a series of angry Tweets ranting about his disgust at the behaviour of the police officers, and even referenced another incident of a black man being arrested wrongfully.

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Rapper Wyclef Jean hosts Remy Martin producer series at 1925 Lounge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States - Monday 15th August 2016

Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean

Black November Review


Nigerian filmmaker Jeta Amata clearly feels passionate about the problems in his country, but despite the presence of Hollywood stars the movie is made in a style that will feel amateurish to Western audiences. Obvious screenwriting is the main problem, ramping up melodrama when political intensity is needed. Essentially, a more organic approach to storytelling, with attention to the characters instead of the themes, would have made this a much more powerful thriller.

After studying in America, 21-year-old Ebiere (Mbong Amata) returns home to her Niger Delta community just in time to witness a horrific oil-company accident in which most of her family perishes. As the most educated person in her village, she rises to a position of leadership among the rebels fighting for fairer treatment from petrol executive Tom (Mickey Rourke) and the corrupt military, which responds with relentless violence, betraying and brutalising the villagers. As she falls for rebel commander Dede (Hakeem Kae-Kazim), Ebiere becomes even more important. And things take a further turn when she's charged with murder after a protest turns fatal. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, desperate Nigerians (including Wyclef Jean and Akon) take Tom hostage along with a local reporter (Kim Basinger) to demand justice for Ebiere's plight.

Writer-director Amata made this film three years ago, then reworked it to add the L.A. sequences in an effort to make Nigeria's struggle feel more current in the context of global activism. This works to an extent, as it stirs the hot topic of terrorism into the mix. But the big action set pieces are directed and edited in a choppy way that feels undercooked. The story of desperate political activism amid heavy-handed corruption is compelling, but it's watered down by some rather soapy interpersonal plot points. Still, the film remains involving, a powerful tale of little guys standing up to forces much bigger than themselves simply in the name of what's right.

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Amanda Bynes' Rap Dreams May Come True Thanks To Waka Flocka Flame

Amanda Bynes Waka Flocka Flame Wyclef Jean

Amanda Bynes, in case you haven't already heard, desperately wants her next career move to be a step into the rap game, as the former child actress has mentioned countless times on Twitter since she became a tabloid darling earlier this year. Whilst most of us laughed, some people though 'why the hell not' and now it looks as though Amanda is on her way to becoming a recording hip hop artist.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame is to blame for Amanda's potential entry into the rap game, with the Brick Squad Monopoly records owner reportedly interested in signing Bynes up to his rooster. Speaking with TMZ earlier this week, the rapper revealed that he has already begun work on her first album and has hired a number of people to write material for the album that he promised is "going to be crazy hot."

Waka also revealed the potential title of the album, Shots, and said that he and Amanda have become close over the past few weeks, texting each other regularly and Skyping at least once a week. Their relationship is purely plutonic, with Waka explaining that they usually spend their time discussing Amanda's move into rap and how she needs to ignore all the 'haters' out there and concentrate on herself. He also said that he thinks the whole furore surrounding Amanda at the moment is nothing more than media chatter and he doesn't think there is anything wrong with Amanda's mental state.

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Amanda Bynes Is "Gonna Kill The [Rap] Game," Says Collaborator Waka Flocka Flame

Amanda Bynes Waka Flocka Flame Wyclef Jean

In case you hadn't heard, everyone's favourite ticking time-bomb Amanda Bynes is dead set on becoming a rapper, and it has been looking increasingly more likely that her ambition will be realised ever since she shared it on Twitter. First, we heard that representative from Chinga Chang Records were meeting with the former child star with an offer to record her album, and now she has an even more well-known helping hand in the form of rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

Waka Flocka was speaking to TMZ this week when he said that he is currently in talks with Amanda to get her to join up with his label; Brick Squad Monopoly records, saying that although the two have not signed anything yet, the deal is all but done already. Waka is apparently so keen on linking up with Bynes on some tracks that he's already hired some people to write songs for the Easy A actress and has pledged his own rapping talent to a number of tracks on the album, which he said will be called Shots. He then warned TMZ; "It's going to be crazy hot."

The rapper also revealed that his work with Bynes is more than just for business, revealing that the two have become quite good friends since her rapping ambitions were made public; telling TMZ that the two text each other every day and regularly FaceTime on Skype - mostly to discuss her rap career but also so that Waka can give Amanda advice and tell her not to let the haters bring her down (we're honestly not making this up). When asked about Amanda's recent behaviour and whether there might be something up with her he was equally as defensive, saying, "Not at all. She has it all together to me. She is cool as hell and ready for the rap world. I think she is going to kill the game."

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Will Smith And Jaden Smith Joined By Buzz Aldrin And 50 Cent At 'After Earth' Premiere [Photos]

Will Smith Jaden Smith Wyclef Jean Bruce Willis Willow Smith Trey Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith M. Night Shyamalan Kristofer Hivju Spike Lee 50 Cent Alfonso Ribeiro Buzz Aldrin

Will Smith and Jaden Smith at 'After Earth' New York premiere
Will Smith and Jaden Smith at 'After Earth' New York premiere

The New York premiere of Will Smith's new action movie 'After Earth' was almost like a reunion for the actor as several old friends showed up to offer their support.

The event was truly a field day for photographers with celebrities from Wyclef Jean to Bruce Willis making their appearances on the red carpet. Will Smith was the star attraction alongside his son and co-star Jaden Smith, and he also brought along his other two children Willow Smith and Trey Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith. Joining them were 'After Earth' director M. Night Shyamalan (the man behind 'The Sixth Sense' and 'The Village'), Smith's co-star Kristofer Hivju, Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee and rapper 50 Cent. There was even an appearance from Smith's former 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' co-star Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Will's rich and very spoilt cousin Carlton Banks. Another notable attendee was genuine NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, best known for being the second man to walk on the moon in 1969.

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Video - Wyclef Jean Talks About His Early Interest In Rap And His Hit Songs

Rapper and singer Wyclef Jean is interviewed about his autobiography 'Purpose: An Immigrant's Story' at a Books and Books signing at Miami Dade College. He talks about the effect that songs 'Killing Me Softly' and 'Ready Or Not' had on people when he recorded it with his former hip hop band the Fugees, how his father had felt about him turning to rap music and where the term 'Booger Basement' came from.

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Wyclef Opens Up About Lauryn Hill Affair In New Memoir

Wyclef Jean Fugees Lauryn Hill

Wyclef Jean's new memoir Purpose: An Immigrant's Story gives a remarkable insight into the singers’ life, the break up of The Fugees, life post-earthquake and his run for presidency following the tragic natural disaster.

Speaking to MTV, the Haitian born rapper plans to write 7 books; his first one has only been in the shops for 24 hours! But it seems he has plenty of stories to tell. "I'm gonna write seven books, and the first one was a memoir because of one of the things I learned when I ran for president and got bamboozled," he explained. "The mass world, what they know about Wyclef is basically that he can sing, he can produce, he can write songs, but they don't know how smart musicians actually are and where they're from. The memoir, [it] was important to me that it's raw, it's honest, it's like my music and if you're reading it, you just feel like you're a one-on-one conversation opposed to reading something."

Jean’s surmise of The Fugees’ demise also leaves no room for questions; “In that moment something died between us. I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that,” he writes, according to an excerpt from the New York Post. “She could not longer be my muse. Our love spell was broken.”

Video - Gloria Estefan Takes Photo With A Fan - Lifetime Movie 'Five' Arrivals Part 1

The made for TV movie 'Five' had its premiere in New York City on the 26th September. Among the stars on the red carpet were actresses Demi Moore and Gloria Estefan, who graciously posed for a photo with a fan; rapper Wyclef Jean; actor Emilio Estevez and Jennifer Aniston, who part directed Five.

'Five' is a series of short films, following the lives of five women and the impact breast cancer had on their lives. It stars Rosario Dawson and 'Kick-Ass' star Lyndsy Fonseca

Wyclef Jean Friday 3rd September 2010 Hot 97's presents the On Da Reggae Tip 2010 concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom New York City, USA

Wyclef Jean

Dirty Review

That's "dirty" as in cops. And that's "cops" as in LAPD. If you wanted to depict this stained organization in the worst possible light, don't bother, it's been done -- to death. And here it is again, rising up like a ghoul from the grave -- from the pen of Chris Fisher and Gil Reavill, directed by the former. The picture they give us of this organization is that there's no hope Chief Bratton's corps will ever clean up its act.

We follow the frantic, out-of-control maneuvers of two cops in particular, Salim Adel (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Armando Sancho (Clifton Collins Jr.). These are two law enforcement officers out of the barrio, familiar with its culture and the scummy men who run it. But paragons of law they are not, and they have about as much resistance to corruption as a tin badge in seawater.

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Wyclef Jean

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Wyclef Jean

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17th October, 1969









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Black November Movie Review

Black November Movie Review

Nigerian filmmaker Jeta Amata clearly feels passionate about the problems in his country, but despite...