Review of Iron Flag Album by Wu Tang Clan

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4. Wu-Tang Clan Iron Flag (Album - Epic)
A unique phenomenon in the music industry, Wu-Tang Clan ditch their own personal projects again to reunite for their fourth and most eagerly awaited album yet, Iron Flag.
Following on from three fundamental and groundbreaking albums (Enter The Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang Forever and The W) the collective of Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, RZA, Dirty Ol Bastard, Mastah Killah, U-God and GZA have an impressive track record to match.
From the outset, and the opening track In The Hood it looks promising.
Good hip-hop has always been more than simply about a good rhyme, and this solid crew have the collective skills to make an album that is both true to the fundamentals of hip-hop, along with being catchy and harmonious - without being boring or cheesy.
Take for example Chrome Wheels, an impressive take on Luther Vandrosss Never stop, or Uzi (Pinky Rink) with its Curtis Mayfierld style funk and the retro breaks of forefather Grandmaster Flash. Rules tells just how recent this album is, as they voice their feelings on the World Trade Centre attack.
Babies shows just how potent a concoction of rap and song can be, whilst Beastie Boys fans are bound to be pleased Pauls Boutique style raw breaks feature heavily.
Four albums on and this crew, for one, have lost none of their immediacy and none of their impact. Sometimes the rumours are justified.