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17th August 2015

Quote: "(The role) is a stretch for me and I just wasn't sure. I cold read for it and I was just like, 'I have no concept of it (the role)'. I hadn't been that exceptionally nervous in a really long time... but it feels good to prove yourself. It's weird when people just hand you roles - you're like, 'You never even met me, you might hate me'... Now I've proven (myself)." Actress Kristen Stewart was nervous auditioning for her role in the latest Woody Allen film, insisting the part was out of her comfort zone because she hasn't had to audition for a movie in a long time.

7th May 2015

Fact: Blake Lively has been cast in Woody Allen's upcoming as-yet-untitled film. The former Gossip Girl star joins Bruce Willis, Kristen Stewart, and Jesse Eisenberg for the project, which is set for a 2016 release.

1st May 2015

Fact: Woody Allen and his one-time muse Diane Keaton reunited for dinner in New York City on Wednesday (29Apr15). The Annie Hall co-stars were spotted dining at the Mark Restaurant.

10th March 2015

Fact: Woody Allen has cast Twilight star Kristen Stewart as the female lead in his new movie. The project reunites Stewart with her Adventureland co-star Jesse Eisenberg. Bruce Willis is also set to star in the movie, which is slated for a release in 2016.

15th May 2014

Tweet: "The one and only Woody Allen told me tonight that his biggest pet peeve in Nyc is cyclists who ride against traffic." Alec Baldwin has revealed director Woody Allen poked fun at him after the actor was taken into police custody for riding his bicycle in the wrong direction in the Big Apple on Tuesday (13May14).

6th May 2014

Fact: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Emma Stone is to reteam with moviemaker Woody Allen for the follow-up to his most recent film Magic In The Moonlight. The actress has signed on to make back-to-back Allen films and will star opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the director's untitled new film. Magic in the Moonlight, which also features Colin Firth and Marcia Gay Harden, will be released later this year (14).

29th April 2014

Quote: "He gave me the opportunity... (to have a career). It's all because of Woody Allen. Where would I be? Oh my God, I can't even imagine. I don't know what would have happened without him. I mean he wrote Annie Hall. It was the greatest gift ever given to me by anyone professionally and he's a genius." Actress Diane Keaton stands by filmmaker Woody Allen over allegations he molested his estranged daughter.

5th November 2013

Quote: "Even the phone terrified me. When we sent you the script and you wanted to do it that was fine with me. Then I got the call from (casting director) Juliet Taylor saying: 'Cate would like to speak to you on the phone'... When I cast Marion Cotillard, they said: 'She wants to do it, but she would like to talk to you on the phone for a few minutes.' And Colin Firth too: he wanted to talk to me on the phone. My heart always sinks." Woody Allen tells Cate Blanchett he hates talking on the phone to potential actors for roles in his movies.

22nd October 2013

Fact: Director Woody Allen is scheduled to appear at a sold-out Princeton University question-and-answer session on Sunday (27Oct13). The filmmaker has been donating his papers, including unproduced scripts, to the New Jersey university since 1980.

27th July 2013

Quote: "She's one of the few actresses, I think, who could do this. It's like having an atomic weapon or something, to get an actress like that." Director Woody Allen was delighted Cate Blanchett agreed to star in his new drama Blue Jasmine after creating the lead role specially for her.

8th January 2013

Fact: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Louis C.K. and British actress Sally Hawkins have signed on to star in Woody Allen's latest movie Blue Jasmine, which will be shot in various locations in New York and California. The movie will hit cinemas later this year (13).

9th October 2012

Fact: Actors Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman joined their fellow Cheers castmembers over the weekend (06-07Oct12) to celebrate the hit sitcom's 30th anniversary with a special dinner in Beverly Hills, California. Former co-stars Woody Allen and Kelsey Grammer missed the get together due to work commitments.

28th June 2012

Quote: "I'm a pushover. I mean, my wife calls from a store and says she wants to buy earrings. What am I going to say? 'No, that's a little steep?' That's not the life I want her to have." Director Woody Allen spoils his wife Soon-Yi Previn.

24th June 2012

Quote: "I would love to work with (Allen) 20 times. I'm fascinated by his personality. Even a day of press, which is not my favourite part of this job, he makes it so interesting and so fun." Spanish actress Penelope Cruz hopes to be cast in another Woody Allen movie after starring in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and To Rome With Love.

18th June 2012

Quote: "If there was some legal reason I couldn't (cast her), that would be a different story, but it would not concern me personally, no. I think that she'd be just fine and she'd do a great job... She's a very gifted girl and I would not hesitate. If I had something for her, I'd certainly call her." Revered director Woody Allen insists he'd love to work with Lindsay Lohan despite her troubled history.

5th June 2012

Fact: Woody Allen has announced details for his next movie, which he'll shoot in his native New York and San Francisco. The cast will include Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Sally Hawkins, Peter Sarsgaard and outrageous comedian Andrew DICe Clay.

13th April 2012

Fact: Woody Allen is heading back to America after making a series of movies in Europe - his next film will be set in San Francisco, California and his native New York. The director made the announcement at a press conference prior to the Italian premiere of his new film When in Rome. He refused to reveal more about the project, insisting he was there to promote his new movie.

12th April 2012

Fact: Woody Allen's new movie To Rome With Love will open the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival in June (12).

20th March 2012

Fact: Woody Allen has renamed his new movie for a third time - the picture, starring Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz, was previously called Bop Decameron and Nero Fiddled, but will now be known as To Rome With Love.

8th March 2012

Fact: Moviemaker Woody Allen will play a pimp in John Turturro's new movie Fading Gigolo. The O Brother, Where Art Thou? star will write, direct and co-star in the film, opposite his Hannah & Her Sisters director. Fading Gigolo will also feature Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara, according to Variety.

6th January 2012

Fact: Broadway play Relatively Speaking is set to close on 29 January (12). The production, composed of three one-act comedies, each written by Ethan Coen, Elaine May and Woody Allen, will have played a total of 153 performances. The show featured Marlo Thomas and Steve Guttenberg.

20th November 2011

Fact: Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's son has been awarded a full-scholarship to study at England's prestigious Oxford University. Ronan, who received the honour as one of 32 Rhodes Scholars, has longtime been considered a gifted student - he graduated from New York's Bard College at the young age of 15, six years ahead of schedule.

24th June 2011

Fact: Woody Allen's new movie Midnight In Paris has become the director's biggest U.S. hit in 25 years. The comedy, starring Owen Wilson and Rachel MCAdams as a mismatched couple planning for their wedding in the French capital, has grossed $23.3 million (Gbp14.5 million) at the American box office in a month.

21st June 2011

Fact: Oscar winner Roberto Benigni has been added to the cast of Woody Allen's new movie The Bop Decameron, which will be the first film the moviemaker has shot in Rome, Italy. The cast will also feature Allen himself, Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin and Ellen Page.

26th May 2011

Quote: "I wanted to expand my options and for people to see me in a different light. Playing an American in a Woody Allen film is a seal of approval somehow, like 'There you go. He can play American.'" Welsh actor Michael Sheen credits his Midnight In Paris director Woody Allen with saving him from being typecast.

11th May 2011

Quote: "It’s always an unreal experience. There are a million flashbulbs going off in your face. People clap when you walk in to take your seat. You have to sit through the movie, that’s the worst part. And after the movie, you have to stand up and people clap. It’s a heightened, euphoric experience. I’m always embarrassed." Woody Allen feels nervous whenever he attends the Cannes Film Festival in France.

28th March 2011

Fact: Director Woody Allen showed off his skills on the clarinet on Friday (25Mar11) when he took the stage with the New Orleans Jazz Band at the opening of the Oscar Niemeyer International Culture Center in Aviles, Spain.

14th February 2011

Quote: "It's a milestone to get to work with Woody. People said to me that he doesn't talk much and that he's very shy, but I found him incredibly easy to hang out with. I stayed on set even when I wasn't needed because I didn't want to miss a Woody moment." Naomi Watts savoured filming YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER with director Woody Allen.

2nd February 2011

Fact: Woody Allen's new movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS has been selected to open the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. The romantic comedy, starring Owen Wilson, Rachel MCAdams and Marion Cotillard, also features a small cameo by France's first lady, model-turned-singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. The annual event kicks off in France on 11 May (11).

11th November 2010

Fact: The futuristic house featured in Woody Allen's 1973 movie Sleeper has been sold at auction for $1.5 million (£1 million).

21st September 2010

Quote: "We think we can control it and we think we know what we're doing but it's largely dependent on luck. If you're very lucky, you may just have a happy relationship. And if you're unlucky all logical reasons in the world don't seem to make sense." Woody Allen believes a happy love life is down to luck.

16th September 2010

Quote: "To me, there's no real difference between a fortune teller or a fortune cookie and any of the organised religions. They're all equally valid or invalid, really. And equally helpful." WOODY ALLEN

16th September 2010

Quote: "You don't gain any wisdom as the years go by. You fall apart, is what happens. People try and put a nice varnish on it, and say, well, you mellow. You come to understand life and accept things. But you'd trade all of that for being 35 again." Woody Allen on accepting mortality at the age of 74.

13th September 2010

Quote: "The thought of me playing any character that's anywhere near normal always frightens me, so my suggestion at the beginning was that Roy be in a wheelchair. I wrote him a three-page email about why I thought it was necessary, and I think I mentioned a Yugoslavian accent... He write me back (sic)... and just said, 'No.'" Josh Brolin on the ideas he had for his writer character in Woody Allen's new film You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

21st June 2010

Quote: "I never read any books when I was younger, never had intellectual interests, flunked out of college in my freshman year with low marks. To this day, I much prefer watching a basketball or baseball game to reading." Filmmaker Woody Allen insists he's not an intellectual.

17th May 2010

Quote: "These are two actresses that I would like to work with because I think they're both very talented." Woody Allen has his eye on Cate Blanchett and Reese Witherspoon for future movies.

19th April 2010

Fact: John Corbett filmed his famous SEX & The City proposal scene with Sarah Jessica Parker in front of Woody Allen's New York home. The actor says, "You could see him up on the top floor, peeking out at us."

10th March 2010

Quote: "I've never met him, but Bullets Over Broadway is one of my favourite movies ever. I can quote every word. I think it's amazing." Mariah Carey dreams of making a film with Woody Allen.

3rd November 2009

Quote: "It was hideous. I had dark circles added under my eyes, a moustache. The hair was disgusting, the clothes horrible. But I'm willing to do anything for a role, to make it authentic. I'm proud of that part, and I want to do more films. I'd love to work with Woody Allen." Mariah Carey's make-under for her latest film PRECIOUS has tempted her to take on more challenging roles - especially if WOODY ALLEN is involved.

29th September 2009

Quote: "I don't like to look at Penelope directly. It is too overwhelming." Filmmaker Woody Allen on VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA actress Penelope Cruz' beauty.

10th May 2009

Fact: Woody Allen will stage Puccini's opera Gianni Schicchi for the second time at the opening of the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy next month (26Jun09). The Hollywood director made his directorial opera debut with the Los Angeles Opera production, about a character from Dantes Inferno, in September (08).

26th March 2009

Fact: Woody Allen has found a new muse in Nicole Kidman. The actress will join Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Freida Pinto and pal Naomi Watts in Allen's untitled new movie, according to Daily Variety.

3rd March 2009

Fact: Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival will celebrate Woody Allen's return to making movies in New York by opening on 22 April (09) with WHATEVER WORKS, his first movie shot in his hometown since 2004.

23rd February 2009

Quote: "A threesome wouldn't be right for me but I know people like that who live extreme lifestyles. I don't judge them. I just play them." Actress Penelope Cruz on her role as a woman with two lovers in Woody Allen film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

6th February 2009

Quote: "I was a little worried about being accepted into the 'cool gang'. Luckily I got on very well with them all." British actress Rebecca Hall was wary of working alongside Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem in Woody Allen's VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

30th January 2009

Quote: "He has a great lack of social veneer, and you see so little of that sometimes in places like L.A. He speaks only when he has something to say and is really honest." Penelope Cruz finds Woody Allen's no-nonsense attitude refreshing.

28th January 2009

Quote: "It's fantastic. I am very excited by her second nomination. I hope she wins." Tom Cruise is rooting for his ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz at the upcoming Oscars. Cruz is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in Woody Allen's VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

26th January 2009

Quote: "I've seen it three times and I'd love to see it again." Penelope Cruz is a big fan of her Woody Allen film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

14th January 2009

Quote: "I am almost always disappointed when I see my movies. When you're conceiving them at home. it's only happening in your mind and everything's fabulous. Then you find out that JAVIER (BARDEM) and PENELOPE (CRUZ) are not available and you're not gonna be able to get Buckingham Palace." Woody Allen on the difficulties of being a director.

30th December 2008

Quote: "I would do Woody's shoeshine. I'm lucky to be able to fit into that young-woman category in his mind, so I hope he keeps writing for young women. I think he will." Scarlett Johansson would do anything to be on the set of one of Woody Allen's movies.

23rd December 2008

Quote: "I almost prefer it when people don’t wonder, 'Well, what’s my motivation?' I’m a Woody Allen kind of director. Your motivation is, 'It’s f**king four in the morning. Let’s go! We’re tired!'" Rocker-turned-moviemaker Wayne Coyne inspires his actors on set by channelling the legendary star.

10th November 2008

Quote: "Everyone's been talking about this kiss between me and Scarlett, but, on the day, all the attention was on Woody and the stain on his hand. Even when we resumed filming he was still looking at it." Penelope Cruz reveals director Woody Allen's skin complaint overshadowed her sexy scene with Scarlett Johansson in VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

15th August 2008

Quote: "It would sort of be like a young woman, great-uncle. Let's say a young blossoming woman and a sort of droopy, Jewish kind of yenta. I worship WOODY and I'd do anything on one of his movies." Scarlett Johansson on her relationship with moviemaker Woody Allen.

11th August 2008

Quote: "Life is good… In the movies, sometimes you are forced to kiss beautiful women... but have to say that in the sex scenes, it was the first time that I really hated Woody Allen's 'just one take' policy." Spanish actor Javier Bardem was hoping for a re-shoot with his VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA co-stars Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

6th August 2008

Quote: "Those are the most absurd days because everybody's pretending to be very relaxed, but everybody's quite tense... pretending like nothing's going on... If you ever work with (director) Woody Allen, there's no rehearsals so you just have to jump off the cliff." Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem on filming steamy love scenes with co-stars Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson on their forthcoming film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

6th August 2008

Quote: "I was very excited to meet him because I've seen all of his movies and I'm a huge admirer of his work... We think he's the funniest guy in the world." Penelope Cruz on working with her moviemaking hero Woody Allen, who directed her new film VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

17th July 2008

Quote: "She's beautiful in a way you can't quite understand." Woody Allen on his latest muse, Penelope Cruz.

4th June 2008

Quote: "If they said to me tomorrow, 'We're pulling the plug and we're not going to give you any more money to make films,' that would not bother me in the slightest." Filmmaker Woody Allen insists he is happy to give up directing to stay home and write books.

2nd February 2008

Quote: "I dumped it and had no regrets or problems doing that. It was fun writing it." Woody Allen on what became of his recent attempt to write a novel. He completed it and decided it wasn't good enough.

29th January 2008

Quote: "I grew up between a Woody Allen movie and a Spike Lee movie." Rocker Lenny Kravitz describes growing up in New York City in the 1970s.

18th January 2008

Quote: "You would think that the parts that Walter Matthau played at this point would come my way. No one asks me to play the father; or Gramps, the lovable old codger; or Pops, the backstage manager at the theatre. I've never gotten anything." Veteran comedian Woody Allen is surprised he never receives an invitation to star in other directors' films.

28th December 2007

Fact: Woody Allen gifted Spanish star Penelope Cruz with a pair of his own spectacles after wrapping their new film VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. Cruz confessed she liked the look of the movie director's classic glasses while they were shooting.

20th December 2007

Quote: "I like the nervous energy of the city. I like the fact that when I go to sleep at night I can hear sirens and I know crimes are being committed out there. It gives me a warm feeling." Woody Allen on what he loves most about New York City.

14th September 2007

Quote: "The only Woody Allen film I've seen is ANTZ, I thought he was great in that." Colin Farrell is far from star stuck of director WOODY ALLEN, who he worked with on forthcoming film CASSANDRA'S DREAM, alongside Ewan McGregor.

13th September 2007

Quote: "I go to Knicks games all the time, and they always put the camera on Spike Lee, Woody Allen and Matthew Modine, and never on me." Punk icon Lou Reed feels ignored at New York basketball games.

2nd July 2007

Fact: The publication of Woody Allen's MERE ANARCHY this week (begs02Jul07) marks the moviemaker/writer's first fictional offering in 27 years.

21st June 2007

Fact: Robin Williams has donated $20,000 (GBP10,000) to an upcoming tribute gala to comedian Mort Sahl because he's a huge fan of the comic. Woody Allen, Jay Leno and Drew Carey are among the stars who will honour Sahl at the Westwood, California event, to mark the comic's 80th birthday, on 28 June (07).

21st March 2007

Quote: "I'd sew the hems of his pants if he asked me to." Actress Scarlett Johansson admits she'd do anything for director hero Woody Allen.

11th February 2007

Fact: Woody Allen has a book due out this July (07). The collection of essays entitled MERE ANARCHY comes 25 years after the moviemaker's last published release.

27th November 2006

Quote: "It was a nude love-making scene, it's the sexiest thing you've ever seen in your life. It actually may get cut from the final film but perhaps it'll be on the DVD." Hugh Jackman reveals his raunchy swimming pool sex scene with British actor Sanjeev Bhaskar in Woody Allen's SCOOP may have an afterlife on disc.

20th September 2006

Fact: SCRUBS star Zach Braff played Woody Allen's son in the film MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY.

28th July 2006

Quote: "He doesn't pay enough, but we all got the same." DEADWOOD star Ian McShane enjoyed equality on the set of new Woody Allen movie SCOOP.

27th July 2006

Quote: "One of the downsides of working with Woody Allen is he only does generally one take." Hugh Jackman wanted multiple takes of his kissing scene with sexy SCARLETT JOHANSSON.

27th July 2006

Quote: "I think I actually modelled my look slightly after that enfant terrible Christopher Hitchens. He's the old British hack who you tolerate in this country, whose politics seem to have taken a large degree swing, but he's well worth a look at." SCOOP star Ian McShane tells a US reporter the inspiration for his journalist character in the Woody Allen film.

9th March 2006

Fact: Film legend Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band will open the fifth annual Rochester International Jazz festival in Rochester, New York this summer (09JUN06).

6th March 2006

Fact: George Clooney is only the the fifth star to be nominated for acting, directing and writing awards in the same year. The other four are Orson Welles (1942), Woody Allen (1978), Warren Beatty (1979 and 1982) and Roberto Benigni (1999).

6th March 2006

Fact: George Clooney is only the the fifth star to be nominated for acting, directing and writing awards in the same year. The other four are Orson Welles (1942), Woody Allen (1978), Warren Beatty (1979 and 1982) and Roberto Benigni (1999).

26th January 2006

Fact: <p>Movie mogul Woody Allen has reportedly bought a $25.9 million (GBP14.4 million) Upper East Side, New York home with 16 rooms and 10 fireplaces. </p>

20th January 2006

Fact: <p>Kate Winslet was originally set to play NORA in Woody Allen's Match Point, but dropped out to spend more time with her family. She was replaced by Scarlett Johansson. </p>

11th January 2006

Quote: <p>"We get along quite well. We have a similar sense of humour and he shares his muffins with me." Scarlett Johansson on working with director Woody Allen. </p>

3rd January 2006

Fact: <p>Veteran film-maker Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band wrapped up their European tour with a concert at the Athens Concert Hall in Greece on Saturday (30DEC05). All proceeds helped to pay for a Greek blind music student to study overseas. </p>

20th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I always felt that if my name wasn't on many of my movies, they would have made more money." Film-maker Woody Allen rues his lack of commercial success. </p>

19th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I'm a terrible clarinet player. But I play with my heart. I don't have a great ear for music." Match Point director Woody Allen regrets his lack of musical talent. </p>

14th November 2005

Fact: <p>Director Woody Allen's second London-based movie will be called SCOOP. Scarlett Johansson will star as an American journalism student who falls in love with a dashing Englishman in the film, currently shooting and due for release next year (06). </p>

12th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I think, in a sense, it killed the career that he wanted. I think he envisioned more like a Woody Allen career. He wanted to do his own film and The Godfather got in the way." James Caan insists his pal and The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola's career was ruined by his 1972 gangster epic. </p>

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