Woody Allen says it has become fashionable to publicly disown him.

A number of actors - including Mira Sorvino, Greta Gerwig, Colin Firth and Rebecca Hall - who previously worked with the 84-year-old director have spoken about their regret at doing so after his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow alleged that he sexually assaulted her when she was seven, but Woody has maintained his innocence and hit back at them for jumping on the bandwagon.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Woody said: ''It's silly. The actors have no idea of the facts and they latch on to some self-serving, public, safe position. Who in the world is not against child molestation? That's how actors and actresses are, and [denouncing me] became the fashionable thing to do, like everybody suddenly eating kale.

''You can give people the testimony by those who worked in the house. You can give them the facts over and over. But the facts don't matter. For some reason, emotionally, it's important for them to buy into the story.''

In relation to those who have publicly backed him, including Larry David, Diane Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Alan Alda and Scarlett Johansson, he said: ''I assure them it's not something they will ever be embarrassed having done.''

Woody now has no relationship with Dylan, 34, or his biological son Ronan, 32 and he blames their mother Mia Farrow, 75, for the rift.

Woody - who married Mia's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn in 1997 - said: ''I'm angry that I was deprived of seeing my children grow up and I'm angry at what's been done to Dylan and Ronan. I haven't spoken a word to the children in over 25 years and they've been raised to think the worst of me. So sure, I was angry about that. But, professionally, I haven't suffered at all.''