Hayden PanettiereHayden PanettiereHayden has already had a taste of what being a superhero could be like after her portrayal of regenerating cheerleader Claire Bennet in 'Heroes' so she could be among the favourites with the Comic Con goers. Wonder Women would be a great way to break the blonde cheerleader typecast as well, especially if she was forced to dye her golden locks. The more obvious reason for tipping her for the role is that she's incredibly stunning and is exactly the kind of beauty that would be expected for such a part.

Megan FoxMegan FoxMegan Fox is the kind of woman that most boys have posters of in their bedroom, ergo if she became Wonder Woman in a film adaptation, there probably won't be many males resisting the urge to watch it. It makes her a good choice commercially but the fact that she's a comic book fan would bring a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to the role. She's played a few badass roles as well; she wasn't exactly a squealing wimp in the 'Transformers' films and she was damn scary as a super-demon in 'Jennifer's Body', plus she definitely knew how to fight back in 'Jonah Hex'. There's a lot of scepticism about her ability to pull off a role like Wonder Woman - but we're not going to make any pre-judgements just yet; after all, she's already been picked to play the leading female role in another famous comic book franchise - the remake of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' due out next year.

Allison WilliamsAllison WilliamsComic book films often give not so well-known actors a chance and since Allison Williams joined the cast of HBO series 'Girls', there is a great chance that she's going to bag a blockbuster some time soon. We think she would just look so right in the role of Wonder Woman; dark hair, a strong jawline and a dazzling smile that would charm anyone.

Alexandra DaddarioAlexandra DaddarioAnother 'Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief' hero, Alexandra Daddario would be utterly enchanting as Wonder Woman. Busty and athletic, she's got a near perfect shape to fit the part and her intense blue eyes would be an asset difficult to replicate. As we flicked through a few comic book versions of the character, the resemblance between Ms. Daddario and the comic images was striking.