Review of Love Train Single by Wolfmother

Love Train

Wolfmother Love Train Single

When this Australian trio first appeared on the radar, they were inaccurately and cruelly labelled as "the next Darkness" - but luckily for them they quickly shook this tag off. Granted there's some big hair and they favour classic power chords as opposed to beats and samples, but there's no hysterics or cat suits to be found here. They've so far made minor dents into both the album and singles charts of the UK and they'll be here for a headlining tour from early November.

Don't be drawn in by the soft drums that open up "Love Train", for when the riff kicks it really prove a mistake for anyone who's pushed the volume up a few levels. By no means a classic piece of guitar playing, the choppy guitar strokes are still enough to get your body grooving and the bluesy solos nod toward The Black Crowes. Andrew Stockdale manages to get fairly high up the vocal scale and it all adds to a decent song that doesn't have you reaching for the skip button nor itching to investigate the band further.

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