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Wolfmother Woman Single

Not since Chas 'n' Dave played my local has a band received such undeserved and explicable hype.
Most of us were safe in the knowledge that Wolfmother's risible brand of Led Zeppelin-lite had been consigned to the history books of 2002, but apparently, we had been lulled into a false sense of security. This single is as riddled with clichés as your average Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, with none of the unintentional comedic value, 'She's a woman/You know what I mean' screeches singer Andrew Stockdale over a dusty rock backing. Um, yes, I think I know what you mean Andy; she's got boobies and can't throw things as far as you. Well done. Very eloquent.

Incidentally, Wolfmother are from the same part of the world that brought you Jet, The Datsuns and Rolf Harris' cover of 'Stairway to Heaven', which leads me to the conclusion that we must immediately confiscate all of Led Zeppelin's records from Australia and New Zealand, before any more damage is done. I'll see you in Sydney.

Ben Davis

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