Review of Cosmic Egg Album by Wolfmother

Review of Wolfmother's album Cosmic Egg

Wolfmother Cosmic Egg Album

This album opens with a re-imagining of the Chili's Around The World- at least, that's what I thought until it kicked in proper with the whole 70's sound the band have become famous for with a hint of the in vogue stoner rock, complete with the excellent vocal stylings of Andrew Stockdale- and it would appear to be his project, having written the majority of the songs himself. It works very well, not a hint of cheese to be found here, the record doesn't take itself Coheed and Cambria seriously but at the same time isn't necessarily just a happy-go-lucky hour. The band seem to make the clichés they thrive upon seem fresh.

There is the odd occurrence on the record where it doesn't quite work as well as it should; the verses of White Feather aren't fantastic, but, when you listen to the record as a whole it tends to pass you by: the chorus after the offending verse quickly makes up for the latter's transgressions. The band do like to work on an epic, as In The Castle and excellent closer Violence Of The Sun prove- and they do work very well, especially considering the variety of songs on the album. The album has its limits, however, and they aren't going to be Led Zeppelin no matter how hard they try- In The Morning is no Stairway To Heaven, but it's great nonetheless.

Wolfmother are the best band around at the moment doing this sort of thing, putting, as they do, an excellent spin on the common modern/alt rock, infusing it with a sense of purpose and fair level of technical flair. Tasty.

Conrad Hughes

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