We have a serious Homer Simpson drool going on just hearing about all of the delicious delicacies that will be served to the stars at the Oscars after-party. The star-studded awards show will be packed with Hollywood royalty, with attendees including Christian Bale, Leonardo Dicaprio, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep...the list goes on. It’s a veritable cornucopia of acting’s finest at this year’s awards, so no wonder that every year they hire only the best to design the food menu.

oscars after party menuLeo will have the chance to sample Puck's Oscars after-party menu

This year’s Governor’s Ball will mark Wolfgang Puck’s 20th anniversary catering the event. It would be an honour to be invited back to cater the event more than once, let alone for 20 consecutive years, so you know that Puck is a total pro at knowing how to bring it on the night.

This year looks set to be no different. Cocktails designed specifically for the event will be on offer at the Governor’s Ball, and are to include a twist on the classic Blood and Sand, which is a scotch based drink mixed with blood orange as well a Coco Light martini, which looks likely to take advantage of the current coconut water fad and the classic martini. Attendees will also be offered a Baileys Glamour Shot, made with Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon Irish Cream and Schnapps - that sounds like it will certainly get the party started! We’ll take ten.

With all these high-cal cocktails, Puck’s designed a healthier menu for figure conscious stars. White bean quinoa cakes will be served along with a spicy tuna tartare and smoked salmon. Quinoa has become an immensely popular and the 'trendy grain' to eat, its low calorie content combined with its ability to fill you up makes it a firm celebrity favourite. Other low fat treats on the night will include sushi, king crabs and lobsters, while Wolfgang has also made sure that there are some more filling foods - such as chicken pot pie and macaroni cheese - for those who are taking a night off from watching their waistlines. If the celebs are anything like us there will be a few unzipped trousers by the end of the evening!

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1,300 oysters will also be delivered to the Governor’s Ball, along with 5 kilos of caviar and 1,250 crab claws. Crab claws are notoriously tricky to get into, we hope they don’t end up flying across the room when the celebs try to crack into them! (this definitely didn’t happen last time we ate crab claws. Definitely.)

To top it all off a 6-tiered chocolate cake covered in mini chocolate Oscars will be served as desert. Not jealous at all.  You guys have your cake and eat it, see if we care.