Review of Steel Rules Die (Ignition Records) Single by Winter In June

Winter In June/Steel Rules Die
Winter In June/Steel Rules Die (Ignition Records) - Single Review

Winter In June

Steel Rules Die

(Ignition Records)

This is a split release between Winter In June and Steel Rules Die but the CD booklet is misleading at first, and it’s easy to think it’s just Winter In June. However, when you listen to the CD the two bands are quite different most noticeably in the vocals. Winter In June are first, describing themselves as punk rock but there’s a hell of a lot of heavy metal a la Black Sabbath in there. There are some fairly delicate melodies among the brutality of the guitars and shouted/screamed vocals particularly on the second song ‘When No-one Else Gave a Fuck’. Hardcore fans will love it.

Music - Winter In June/Steel Rules Die (Ignition Records) - Single Review

Steel Rules Die are more punk rock with a distinctly British feel and influences of British punk bands like early 3 Colours Red. SRD are a little less aggressivethan Winter In June but with the first of the songs called ‘A Mile a Minute’ they’restill hard and fast. Melody is ‘all-important’ according to the websiteand there are some hooks to fall for in a big way, Singer Ricky’s vocalscomplement the music stopping it from getting to sickly or bland. Good startfrom a band with potential.

Natasha Perry