Winona Ryder's boyfriend is ''very special''.

The 42-year-old actress has been in a relationship with Scott Mackinlay Hahn for three years, and although she doesn't like speaking about their romance, she is proud of his work as CEO of ethical fashion brand Loomstate.

She said: ''I try to just... It's not something I'm hiding but I learned early on not to talk about that. He's not in this industry.

''He's very special. What he does, which is incredible, is all about sustainability and helping companies go green. His work is pretty humbling.''

Winona - who previously dated Johnny Depp - admits she used to worry about not finding someone who wanted to date her for who she is, rather than for her fame.

She recalled being hit on by a man in San Francisco when she was 35, only to realise she wasn't his usual type, but he was only interested in her because of her celebrity status.

She told Red magazine: ''I remember getting this crushing feeling of, 'Am I ever going to meet someone who doesn't know anything about me, who doesn't think they know me because of what they've read on the internet?' ''