Winona Ryder has never worried about her weight.

The 'Edward Scissorhands' actress is lucky to have been blessed with a naturally slim figure and has only just decided she should start exercising properly in order to feel healthier.

She said: ''I haven't really had to think about it very much because I was always lucky enough to be the waify sort of girl so I didn't have to worry about my weight.

''I'm still small, but in the last couple of years I've realised that it's probably time to start working a little bit more on my body, which is something I could put off when I was younger.

''So I've starred to exercise and I do try to eat relatively well, although I must confess that it doesn't always happen.''

The 41-year-old star is making a welcome return to the spotlight, but she won't be getting dolled up the latest trends since she admits that aside from vintage pieces and her prized film costumes, her favourite clothes are basic T-shirts and jeans.

Winona told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''[My wardrobe is full of] most of the same sort of clothes that I've been wearing since I was a teenager - nice comfortable jeans and T-shirts. I do have some costumes that I wore in some of my favourite films, which I've kept as a souvenir.

''And I also have my grandmother's clothes, which are very precious to me. She was a flapper in the 1920s and she had some gorgeous pieces.''