The actress starred in the original Tim Burton movie in 1988, and now it appears both she and castmate Michael Keaton will be back for a spooky follow-up.

Ryder told U.S. chat show host Seth Meyers, "I think I can confirm it, because Tim Burton did this interview... He was doing some press for (film) Big Eyes and he did an on-camera interview and he said, 'Oh yeah, we're doing it and Winona's going to be in it'."

The Heathers star admitted she can't believe how big the film has become among fans, revealing she often has to perform lines from the movie.

She added, "I hesitate greatly to say this... at airports, going through security, I have not been let through security unless I said it (Beetlejuice three times)" - just like her character in the film.

She continued, "Obviously it's better than being strip-searched or tasered, but I'm very superstitious, so now that I think there's going to be a sequel, I'm like, 'What if I say it three times and then...?'"

In the film, her character Lydia Deetz, conjures up Keaton's troublesome ghost by saying his name three times.