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Here's What You Need To Know About 'Stranger Things' Season 2

Millie Bobby Brown Winona Ryder

Some new plot details have been announced for 'Stranger Things' season two, which comes as a relief to those who nearly died when they found out that it won't be hitting Netflix until October 2017. Everything from new characters to new monsters are hinted at ahead of the show.

Stranger ThingsWhat can we expect from 'Stranger Things' season 2?

As you've probably already gathered, season 2 kicks off one year after events in the first season - that is, one year after Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) disappeared into the Upside Down and Will finally returned home, albeit vomiting baby demogorgons (probably). 

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So Many Emotions! The Best Winona Ryder SAG Awards Memes

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder stole the show at Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, thanks to her hilarious range of facial expressions during co-star David Harbour’s acceptance speech.

Ryder joined her ‘Stranger Things’ co-stars to accept the award for Best Ensemble Drama, with Harbour delivering the cast's acceptance speech. Harbour used the platform to address the current political situation and while Ryder didn’t seem prepared for such a rousing speech from her co-star, her range of reactions have made her the internet’s new favourite meme.

'Stranger Things' Is Confirmed For Season 2 In 2017

Millie Bobby Brown Winona Ryder Netflix

Finally, it has been confirmed that we can expect another season of the much-loved Netflix original series 'Stranger Things' to arrive in the coming months, which means more incredible action from the likes of Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp and Winona Ryder. Bring on 2017!

Stranger ThingsStranger Things returns for season 2

For those who haven't yet seen the 8-part first season of sci-fi horror 'Stranger Things', it follows the mysterious disappearance of a young boy named Will (Schnapp) and the arrival of an unusual shaven-headed girl with poweres of telekinesis, who is initially only known as Eleven (Brown). With the help of Eleven, Will's friends find out what's going on behind Will's absence, and eventually he is reunited with his relieved mother Joyce (Ryder).

We were left with one hell of a cliffhanger, however, when Eleven became trapped in the same alternate dimension that Will was in, and it seems that the horror is not over for Will himself as we see him coughing up that weird slug in his bathroom.

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In a newly released short clip, the names of the next nine episodes were unveiled ('Madmax', 'The Boy Who Came Back To Life', 'The Pumpkin Patch', 'The Palace', 'The Storm', 'The Pollywog', 'The Secret Cabin', 'The Brain' and 'The Lost Brother) as Netflix revealed: 'In the Fall of 1984, the adventure continues'. So all we know from that is that season two is a continuation of season one, rather than a prequel.

'Stranger Things' debuted on July 15th 2016, and became a critically acclaimed success. Critics adored the talented cast and The Duffer Brothers' homage to Steven Spielberg movies and Stephen King stories. The soundtrack, created by Austin electronic outfit S U R V I V E, was also a hit and will be released on CD in mid-September in two separate volumes.

'Stranger Things' season 2 is set to arrive in 2017.

Winona Ryder: "Im Sick Of People Shaming Women For Being Sensitive And Vulnerable"

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder has said she’s sick of society “shaming women” for being sensitive or vulnerable. The 44-year-old, who returned to acting with Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ last month, said she’s been painted as supersensitive and fragile, ever since opening up about her experiences with depression and anxiety in the nineties, but those emotions shouldn't be portrayed as a bad thing.

Winona RyderWinona Ryder says she’s perceived as being “supersensitive and fragile”.

“I’m so sick of people shaming women for being sensitive or vulnerable. It’s so bizarre to me.” Ryder told New York magazine. “I wish I could unknow this, but there is a perception of me that I’m supersensitive and fragile. And I am supersensitive, and I don’t think that that’s a bad thing.”

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Netflix Unveils Spooky New Original Series 'Stranger Things' Starring Winona Ryder

Netflix Winona Ryder

Everyone loves a good horror series on Netflix and their latest addition, 'Stranger Things', is likely to be no exception. There's something paranormal going on in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, where a number of unexplained appearances have disturbed everyone, especially that of a school child.


If you've exhausted the likes of 'Bates Motel', 'American Horror Story' and 'Hemlock Grove' and need another spook-fest to get stuck into this year, don't miss 'Stranger Things'. It's out today on Netflix and explores the mysterious disappearance of a young boy in 80s Indiana. 

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Netflix Releases New Series 'Stranger Things' Starring Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder Netflix

Today (July 15) Netflix dropped its latest original series, ‘Stranger Things’, starring Winona Ryder. The drama. which is set in the 1980s, pays homage to retro thrillers and horror movies, as it follows the disappearance of a young boy in a small town.

Winona RyderWinona Ryder stars in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’.

Ryder plays Joyce Byers, a mother living in small town Indiana, whose son Will mysteriously vanishes. With the help of Will’s friends, Joyce tries to discover what happened to her son, but ends up finding that his disappearance is just part of the town’s strange goings on.

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Homefront - International Trailer

Phil Broker is an ex-cop sadly widowed and left with his 10-year-old daughter Maddie. The pair decide to move to a beautiful small Southern town with the most stunning lake views, a good size house and plenty of places for quiet horse riding. However, their utopic vision is ruined very soon when a bully targets Maddie at her school. Like her father taught her, she fights back and she and her father find themselves facing the wrath of one unhappy parent with connections to the local drug lord Gator. Soon their lives get very comfortable when Gator begins to torment them by breaking into their house while their out. When he discovers Broker's former occupation, he and his comrades arm themselves and set out to teach this newcomer a lesson. Broker can handle himself, but when his daughter his kidnapped, he finds himself fighting harder than he ever has before.

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Jason Statham & James Franco Face Off In Explosive 'Homefront' Trailer [Still + Trailer]

Jason Statham James Franco Sylvester Stallone Winona Ryder Kate Bosworth

Homefront is a tense action thriller that wants to poke holes in the typical story of a rural town's collective hostility towards a new family. Based on the Chuck Logan novel of the same name, the film will introduce Logan's much-used character Phil Broker (Jason Statham) to the big screen for the first time and judging by the trailer alone, we should be in for a wild ride when the film is released later this year.

Jason Statham Izabela Vidovic
Things start off blissfully for Broker and his daughter

Broker is an ex-DEA agent (not a former Minnesota cop, as he is in the book) who moves out to a rural town in the south of the United States to begin a new life with his daughter, Maddie (Izabela Vidovic), following the death of his wife. At first, things seem to be as idyllic as Broker would have hoped, with horses to ride, lakes to swim in and a large house to call their own, however things soon take a turn for the worse when Broker's daughter fights back against the school bully.

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Homefront Trailer

Phil Broker is a former DEA agent who moves to a beautiful small town with his 10-year-old daughter Maddie after the death of his wife. It seems like the perfect place to live with its incredible lakes, horses and a large house, but things aren't always what they seem which Phil finds out when his daughter fights back against a bully at school. The mother of that bully takes revenge by getting in touch with Gator; a local drug lord who enjoys subjecting his victims to weeks of fear and paranoia. He breaks into Phil's house while he and Maddie are out and doesn't hesitate to leave a few clues that someone's been there. Phil proves to be able to handle himself, but that only puts him in further danger when Gator and his crew force their way into the house at night armed with guns and try to take his daughter from him.

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The Iceman Review


Much more involving than the usual hitman thriller, this film takes a deliberately personal approach to its characters that makes it unusually involving. Of course, since it's a film about mafia assassins, none of the characters are hugely likeable. But we're able to identify with them because the cast and crew help us see their souls. And of course, this kind of character brings out the best in Michael Shannon.

He plays Richie, who in the early 1960s has settled down with his new wife Deborah (Ryder) in New Jersey. She thinks his job involves dubbing Disney cartoons, but his projects are actually part of an illicit mob-run porn network. And when local boss Roy (Liotta) asks Richie to work as his henchman, Richie proves to be surprisingly adept at murder. This is mainly because he's so good at compartmentalising his life: keeping his family and work completely separate. But when things with Roy start turning sour, and Richie turns to a rival killer (Evans) for more work, Richie's two worlds begin to collide.

Based on a true story, the film is chilling in its matter-of-fact depiction of a family man who ruthlessly bumps off anyone who falls afoul of the mob. And as the clashes in Richie's life begin to escalate into something personal, the film cranks up the tension to unbearable levels. Shannon is mesmerising in the role, letting us see cracks in Richie's dispassionate surface as he's required to kill friends and colleagues (including Franco in a memorable cameo). So when his wife and daughters are threatened, he's like a tamed wild animal pushed into the corner. We know what he's capable of doing to protect them. 

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Trailer: Impressive Cast For Hitman Adaptation 'The Iceman' (Video)

James Franco Michael Shannon Ray Liotta Winona Ryder

With an impressive cast, including James Franco, Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta and Winona Ryder, The Iceman is a movie adaptation of the true story of the hitman Richard Kuklinski. Between 1964 and 1986, Kuklinski killed 100 people, whilst working as a hitman and simultaneously upholding a life as a perfect family man.

Not only does The Iceman look to be an impressive return to form for Winona Ryder, whose output has been scant of late (she plays Kuklinski’s wife), but the rest of the cast appear to be on top form, too, with Ariel Vromen in the director’s seat to guide them through the action and high drama. Reviews for the movie are positive, so far, with The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney writing “The redoubtable Michael Shannon leads a superb cast in Ariel Vromen's compelling portrait of New Jersey career criminal Richard Kuklinski.”

Shannon’s performance seems to be one of the highlights of the movie, with Robbie Collins of The Daily Telegraph commenting “Michael Shannon embodies Kuklinski down to the bone: there are shades of Paul Muni's Scarface in his lighter moments, although for most of the film he looks as if his face might have been hewn from granite.” The Iceman is released on May 3, US and June 7, UK. 

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The Iceman Trailer

Richard Kuklinski is a contract killer who has murdered over 100 men for a variety of criminals. He's very good at his job and rarely leaves any traces behind, though his ethics extend at least to a refusal to kill a woman or a child - even if they are key witnesses to a terrible crime. Whilst earning enough as a hitman to live a more than comfortable life, he is a family man with daughters and a beautiful wife who he truly dotes upon. They have no idea about his questionable career and he intends to keep it that way, but with constant reminders that he's not the loving family man he tries so hard to be and ever more dubious jobs being put upon him, he is set to lose everything .

'The Iceman' is the true story of the real Richard Kuklinski who was arrested in 1986 after his prolific work as a hitman for several major crime rings. It has been adapted by Ariel Vromen ('Danika', 'Simple Lies'), who co-wrote the screenplay with Morgan Land ('Simple Lies'), with the story being taken from Anthony Bruno's book 'The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer' and the Jim Thebaut documentary 'The Iceman Tapes: Conversations with a Killer'. It is set to hit cinemas on June 7th 2013.

Director: Ariel Vromen

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Frankenweenie Review


With a snappy sense of childish curiosity and lavishly skilled animation, Tim Burton makes one of his most endearing and enjoyably offbeat movies in years. It's actually a remake of a half-hour short he shot in 1984, fleshed out with terrific side characters and a much grander plot. But it's also been painstakingly made with detailed stop-motion animation that's both artistic and witty.

Set in what looks like the suburb from Edward Scissorhands, it's about lonely teen Victor Frankenstein (voiced by Tahan), whose best friend is his dog Sparky. When Sparky dies suddenly, Victor gets an idea from his science professor (Landau) to reanimate him. And it works! Victor hides this from his parents (O'Hara and Short) and the nice girl (Ryder) next door, but chatterbox classmate Edgar (Shaffer) blabs to some other kids in school, who decide they need to make their own science projects a lot more interesting. Suddenly the whole town is under siege by undead pets.

The film looks like a classic monster movie, shot in black and white with deep shadows and expressive faces, plus a hilariously entertaining attention to detail that will make you want to see the film over and over again. It's also packed with gags about the genre, including the names of characters, sudden sight gags (like the Bride of Frankenstein hair of the zapped poodle next door), and more witty references such as Gremlin-like sea-monkeys and a Godzilla-like reanimated tortoise (named, of course, Shelley). There's even an old Christopher Lee Dracula film showing on the TV. But the best thing about this film is the way it never relies on us getting the jokes: Burton has created his own classic too.

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Tim Burton Comes Full Circle With 'Frankenweenie' Remake

Tim Burton Winona Ryder

Time Burton has returned to his roots with his latest feature, Frankenweenie, a reimagining of a short that Burton first made nearly three decades ago in 1984.

The original 1984 short follows a young horror film fanatic named Victor Frankenstein who, after his beloved dog is mowed over by a car, sets out to revive his dead pet using the only means he knows how to. At 90 minutes long, the reimagining is three times as long as the original and will look to give his characters the detail and back story he could have only hoped to have given them back in '84. The new film not only pays homage to the original, but as Burton has admitted in recent interviews, the film also to horror films of days gone past.

The film also sees Burton team up with some of his past collaborators that have been absent from some of his recent films. Whilst long-time regulars Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are left off the bill, the film does reunited Burton with Winona Ryder and Martin Landau for the first time since the 1990's.

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Winona Ryder Puts The Success Of Her Career Down To Director Tim Burton

Winona Ryder Tim Burton

Winona Ryder has come out and credited director Tim Burton as the man who boosted her entire acting career, insisting that she knew she had met a kindred spirit when they hit it from right from their first meeting. It was Burton who was at the helm of the film that landed Ryder her big break as kooky teenager Lydia Deetz in the huge hit Beetlejuice in 1988; Ryder then went on to appear in Burton's Edward Scissorhands and is also involved in the filmmaker's latest project, Frankenweenie.

It's these roles, the star claims, that have ensured that her career has become a huge success. Talking to, she said "I've known Tim Burton for 25 years, and I credit him with my career. I really mean that." Continuing, she added "(At the Beetlejuice audition) this guy came in and started talking about movies and music, and 25 minutes later I was like, 'When is this Tim Burton guy coming?' And he was like, 'That's me! And I was like, 'Oh!' I had no idea that a director could actually be so cool and I could easily hang out with them, you know?"

Ryder also said "Tim has always been a very special person to me, I love being around him, it never feels like work. Our relationship, in a very strange way, it's the same... that love is still there. It's the same Tim Burton from that wonderful day."

Frankenweenie Trailer

Victor Frankenstein is a young boy with an interest in science and home movies. The star of his home movies is his beloved bull terrier, Sparky. Victor and Sparky are very close, so the young boy is devastated to learn of the death of his dog.

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The Informers Review

Here's another entry to the all-star multi-strand Los Angeles ensemble drama genre (see Short Cuts, Magnolia, Crash, Southland Tales). But while this one features strong acting and stylish filmmaking, it's emotionally empty.

In 1983 L.A., studio exec William (Thornton) wants to reconcile with his heavily medicated wife Laura (Basinger) while continuing to see his self-doubting TV newscaster mistress (Ryder). Their son Graham (Foster) is indulging in drugs and sex with his girlfriend (Heard) and best pal (Nichols), who's also sleeping with Laura for cash. Meanwhile, Graham's doorman (Renfro) is trying to please his criminal father figure (Rourke), but Graham's friend Tim (Pucci) has no interest in connecting with his dad (Isaak).

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Simone Review

It might sound contrived to say that a film about a computer-generated movie star is a little flat but... well, there it is. It's the unfortunate truth about writer/director Andrew Niccol's Simone, an Al Pacino-led comedy where Niccol visits some of the same intriguing notions of fame, success, and public perception as in his screenplay for The Truman Show. In that film, the center of attention was a man watched by an adoring and all-knowing viewing audience -- in Simone, the public still loves a superstar... they just have no clue that she's a complete fake.

And not "fake," like some butt-kissing movie actress, but really fake. Simone (or S1m0ne, as Niccol sharply titles the film) is the perfect pixilated creation of a Microsoft-age mad scientist, who's created his flawless CGI actress specifically for floundering moviemaker Viktor Taransky (a truly entertaining Al Pacino). Viktor needs a hit badly and the lead actress on his new feature -- played by Winona Ryder, in a painfully ironic appearance -- has just stormed off his new movie due to "creative differences." Nine months later (human gestation period, if I'm not mistaken) Simone is born to take her place. And since our obsessive inventor has quickly died from an eye tumor, contracted from too much computer use(!), only Viktor knows the true secret of his new lead actress.

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Edward Scissorhands Review

If anyone, Tim Burton needs a serious haircut. In most interviews, he looks like he's been dragged from a two week bender (got a better explanation for those obnoxious shades?). For a man who has based his entire career on being the most visually-daring, commercial director, he looks awfully drab and unkempt. One can see how a character like Edward Scissorhands made his way into Burton's home, with his ability to make everything pretty except himself.

In the middle of a suburbs stylized to the nines, the Boggs have made a modest, any-day home for them and their two children. Peg Boggs (Dianne Weist) makes her living as an Avon lady, going door-to-door with second rate beauty products, trying to make the outside meet the (supposed) inside. She is the gentlest woman in her neighborhood by a long shot. So, when she stumbles upon poor Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp), a Frankenstein-like creature who has scissors instead of fingers, she feels the motherly instinct to take care of the assembled fellow.

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S1m0ne Review


Beneath the uncanny, inevitable and seemingly shrewd facade of the movie-biz farce "Simone" -- about a computer-generated actress taking Hollywood by storm because nobody knows she's not real -- lies a plot cobbled together from largely flat and uncreative moments.

The brainchild of inventive and otherworldly writer-director Andrew Niccol ("Gattaca," "The Truman Show" screenplay), who plucked the picture's concept out of the film industry's paranoid collective subconscious, "Simone" stars Al Pacino as Viktor Taransky, a washed-up and somewhat neurotic director whose last chance at making a big studio film has just walked off the set along with his petulant leading lady (Winona Ryder in a cameo).

But just as he envisions his career going off a cliff, a dying wacko computer genius and Taransky fan (Elias Koteas) brings the director a computer hard drive containing the culmination of his life's work: a program that creates a near-perfect, completely malleable, realistic simulation of beautiful girl. Called Simone (a contraction of Simulation One), in the confines of a computer she can walk, talk, flirt and cry with a single keystroke. She has a database of famous actresses' best performances to draw from for mannerisms and moods. She's utterly at Taransky's control and, of course, her fabricated "performances" can be digitally inserted into any scene of his movie, any way he chooses.

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Winona Ryder

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Winona Ryder

Date of birth

29th October, 1971








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