Review of My Medicine Album by Wilt

Wilt - My Medicine
Wilt - My Medicine Reviewed

Take a band like Travis, make them Irish and add something that they (Travis) haven't got, add a singer sounding at times remarkably like Michael Stipe out of REM and you get Wilt. They describe themselves as the emo REM.

That's well justified, because at times and especially on 'What Took You So Long', lead singer Carmen Battle does sound a lot like the REM front man, although the band does have something about them which is different to the glutton of guitar and emo bands, but I can't decide what it is, or whether I like it or not. It's up to you. Just listen to this album and decide for yourselves.

From the first track, I loved this CD. Wilt, in just over 40 minutes and 11 tracks deliver what could be seen as a masterpiece in the eyes of some (including me). I may have to watch out for Wilt, they may become my new favourite band. Go out and buy this record. Steal it, if you have to, it must make an appearance in your CD rack!!


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