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11th January 2012

Quote: "Boys are irrelevant. I'm not dating. I have a best friend but he hasn't tried to hit on me yet." Will Smith's pop star daughter Willow has no interest in romance.

15th June 2011

Quote: "She's going to put out a whole album probably between September and October (11). She's a fire ball. She wants to do everything. She loves photography. She takes some awesome pictures. She paints. She loves to dance. She loves ballet. She does everything, non-stop." Jada Pinkett Smith reveals her 10-year-old daughter, Whip My Hair hitmaker Willow, is multi-talented.

5th April 2011

Quote: "At home we can get a bit raunchy kissing and cuddling and he'll tell us to stop it. Willow thinks it's nice, she's glad we're loving each other. Jaden gets embarrassed but I tell him: 'Well, you are in our space; this is what we do'." Jada Pinkett Smith's children have differing views on her closeness to husband Will Smith.

16th February 2011

Quote: "I know Will and I love Willow and I told her she inspires me to whip my hair back and forth on stage." Lady GaGa was full of praise for Will Smith's 10-year-old daughter WILLOW, who has shot to pop stardom with her catchy single WHIP MY HAIR.

25th October 2010

Quote: "I go upstairs, I turn on the TV, I watch Golden Girls. I love that show. It's just so funny!" Will Smith's singer/actress daughter Willow on her guilty pleasure before she goes to bed each night.

12th June 2010

Quote: "She bullies me a lot. Me and my older brother are very close. Me and my sister on the other hand, not so much." THE KARATE KID star Jaden Smith, 11, shares a closer bond with his half-brother Trey than with his younger sister Willow, nine.

16th January 2009

Quote: "You can have your movies, you can have your career, but if you open against Daddy... I don't mind if you do win, but if you actually do win, there's no reason for you to live here." Will Smith on his box office battles with son JADEN, 10, and eight-year-old daughter Willow.

18th July 2008

Quote: "It looks like a brand new grandmother's house. Everything's new. It doesn't smell like grandma's but it looks like it. There's no Star Wars stuff anywhere. There's a little hallway with the Willow wand and the guitar from HOWARD THE DUCK." All-American Rejects star NICK WHEELER on recording the band's new album at STAR WARS creator George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in California.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "JADEN is (like) Johnny Depp, he just wants to do good work... He loves acting, he just wants to make good movies. And Willow is (like) Paris Hilton. Willow wants to be on TV." Actor Will Smith on his children's big ambitions.

18th December 2006

Fact: Will Smith is riding his luck after finding that acting with his kids brings out the best in him - he'll act alongside daughter Willow in his next movie. The actor won his first Golden Globe Awards nomination for his new film THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, which features his son JADEN.


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