Willow Smith gets "super excited" by face wash.

The 20-year-old singer has a "pretty simple" skin care regime but loves trying out new products and incorporating them into her daily routine.

She told Allure: "I have a pretty simple skin-care routine, but I love different products. I get super excited when I get a new face cleanser. Recently, I've been exploring way more with face and lip masks.

"The lip masks are really new for me, because I'd never used them before this year. That's a new addition to my skin-care routine.

"[I Love Dr. Jart+]. The moisturising face masks are my everything. I've been implementing that into my skin-care routine at least twice a week."

The Anxiety frontwoman was introduced to fragrance at a young age by her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, who she hailed a "perfume genius" because of her ability to mix her own scents.

She said: " My mom was a huge perfume fan. A perfume genius, no pun intended. (Shout-out, Perfume Genius, you're awesome, I love your music.)

"Anyway, [my mom] would mix essential oils and make her own perfumes. I remember being young and smelling her and thinking, What's the mixture today? Peppermint and clove? Nag champa and chamomile? That was a source of joy for me as a kid."

The 'Whip My Hair' singer is the new face of Alien Goddess and she was thrilled to work with Thierry Mugler because of the history of the brand.

She said: "I had seen some old photos and videos of fashion shows from Mugler in the past — it was just fire. Even then, they were innovating and doing such unique and different things.

"The name feels cosmic and spacey, but the scent is so floral, warm, and earthy, it has both of these extremes. [Plus] the name is Alien Goddess. I so relate to that."