"Hey hunny, remember at Meghan and Charlie's wedding when that guy from Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, turned up to give advice?"

Yeah, it's a conversation likely to be had in the future by the friends of Pittsburgh couple Mehgan Cook and Charlie Miller. The bride - dressed in a camouflage dress - and groom wed at the Field & Stream store on Saturday morning (August 17, 2013).

The pair hadn't planned on marrying at the store, but were reportedly eager to meet Willie Robertson, the star of Duck Dynasty.

"I was going to cancel the wedding 'cause I heard Willie was coming," Cook told KDKA-TV. Instead, the bride said her mother came up with the idea of having a wedding at the store, and they got a huge surprise when Robertson actually appeared during the ceremony, "That's a first for me, it's good to be a part of that.They look like my kind of folks with the camouflage . That was cool."

Cook was hit with heartbreak a few years ago when her fiance died in a car crash, however, they met Miller at the scene of the incident and the pair eventually started dating. 

There was wedding theme during the season four premiere of 'Duck Dynasty' on Wednesday, with family members throwing a surprise wedding for patriarch Phil Robertson. Also wearing camouflage garb, patriarch Phil Robertson married his wife Miss Kay. The pair could only afford a justice of the peace when they married 48 years ago.

The show drew 11.8 million viewers for the A&E channel, making it the No.1 non-fiction series in U.S cable history.  

Recent speculation suggest Willie Robertson was planning to run for office in Louisina, though played down the rumors.

Jep Robertson Willie RobertsonJep Robertson [L] and Willie Robertson [R] At The ACM Awards