Jep Robertson, the star of reality series Duck Dynasty, was reportedly been rushed to hospital last Sunday (19th October). It seems the 36-year-old was on a deer hunt when he was taken suddenly ill. Robertson reportedly suffered a seizure but fortunately had people close by to assist.

Everyone's hoping for a speedy recoveryEveryone's hoping for a speedy recovery 

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Robertson was with friends and his older brother Willie when the incident occurred and his brother, according to TMZ, immediately rushed to his side. 

Robertson was taken to a local hospital and, according to reports, remains there until further tests can be carried out. A representative, speaking to the entertainment website, stated Robertson's condition is improving and he is currently being treated with antibiotics to tackle any infection which may have caused the seizure.

Roberston has also been active on social media and tweeted on Saturday about how he "about died" last Sunday. As E! reports, a further statement from the Robertson family thanked fans for their continued support. The statement reads: "Our family would like to thank everyone for their love and support and ask that you keep Jep, Jessica and their children in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."  

Jep, Willie and their partnersJep, Willie and their partners 

Jep is the youngest of Phil Robertson's children. Phil owns a business Duck Commander which sells equipment primarily for duck hunting and since 2012 it has been the focus of the hugely popular reality show Duck Dynasty. Phil and his wife Marsha Carraway have four children together who all feature on Duck Dynasty.

Largely owing to a number of controversial comments made by Phil Robertson last year, the sixth season ratings of Duck Dynasty decreased by almost half. The series was renewed for another season and the seventh season of Duck Dynasty is set to begin on 17th November 2014.

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