Willie Nelson's stuffed armadillo has been returned after it was taken from a concert in Las Vegas.

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson's stuffed armadillo disappeared from a concert in Las Vegas.

The 80-year-old country singer allegedly has the stuffed armadillo as a mascot when he tours. Affectionately named Ol'Dillo, the mascot was seemingly stolen by one of the crowd whilst Nelson was performing at the Westin Lake Vegas resort in Henderson, Las Vegas. It seems a member of the audience, whilst Nelson was greeting fans on Monday night (31st March), took the opportunity to steal the armoured mammal. 

Nelson's crew were allegedly frantic when it was revealed their taxidermied companion was missing and called the hotel requesting officials look at CCTV footage from the show in order to find the culprit. 

Willie Nelson
Was the return of the armadillo on April Fools' Day merely a strange coincidence?

However, the kidnapper's conscience evidently got the better of him and an embarrassed and apologetic man returned Ol'Dillo on Tuesday (1st April) morning. Fox News spoke to the resort's marketing director who explained the man drove up to the hotel and, after handing over a box containing the armadillo, apologised and requested Ol'Dillo be returned to his rightful owner. 

No one knows where the armadillo ended up on his adventure but, following his stressful kidnapping, the Westin Lake Vegas resort were obliged to ensure Ol'Dillo enjoyed the rest of his stay. He was even treated to some time at the spa as the Westin tweeted after announcing his safe return. After enjoying his short break, Ol'Dillo is currently on his way back to California to be reunited with Nelson. Hopefully, Ol'Dillo will be back with Nelson by tomorrow evening as he is due to appear in San Diego as part of his latest tour.