Kanye West

Kanye West had his prize Porsche stolen in 2010 whilst he was recording in Honolulu Hawaii. The car was reported stolen just before it was found having crashed into an unoccupied house, creating a large hole in the side of the garage and crumpling the sedan. The car was said to be in the care of Kanye’s cousin at the time of the incident when thieves decided to take it for a joyride and subsequently crashed. There were no passengers inside the car when it was found and the whole incident remians a bit of a mystery.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber was the victim of hat theft, a truly hair raising crime

Justin Bieber

Bielber’s are known to be some of the craziest fans out there and in 2009 a pair of New Zealand teenagers show just how far they’d go to get a hug form Justin. When Bieber arrived in New Zealand he was mobbed by teenaged fans and in the ensuing chaos, two girls ran off with his purple baseball hat. The girls then held the hat for ransom asking Bieber for a hug each and a photo in return for the hat. Soon the would be thieves gave in and return the hat to Justin, no hugs required, but they did leave a note saying sorry along with their phone numbers. Justin later said on twitter, “I got my hat back. No hugs, no thanks u’s. Just glad they did the right thing. I don’t condone thievery!! Haha.”

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