Former child star Willie Aames has set sail on the high seas in a bid to get his career back on track - he's working as an assistant director on a cruise liner.
The Charles in Charge star declared himself bankrupt in 2008 after running up debts of over $350,000 (£233,330). He was also briefly homeless.
He then took on a job as a financial adviser to help others avoid the same pitfalls and now he has turned his life around as a top employee at Oceania.
Aames, 50, tells the National Enquirer, "I'd hit rock bottom and now I'm back on top. I'm almost done with my training, and I absolutely love spending time with the guests, assisting as an escort on tours and hosting tables."
Aames even draws on his experience in showbusiness to help with the ship's entertainment and he loves it.
He adds, "It's like working for a top hotel on the high seas."