William Shatner thrilled fans at the Destination London Star Trek Convention on Friday (19.10.12).

The iconic 'Star Trek' actor - who played Captain James T. Kirk in the original television series from 1966 - reunited with his successors, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula for the first time in ten years at London's ExCel Centre to answer questions about the long-running sci-fi show.

The 81-year-old actor has shunned appearances in the past, saying: ''I didn't want anything to do with a group of obsessives who paid to get together to talk incessantly about a TV show that had been cancelled. It wasn't logical.''

He was happy to pose for photos with his fellow captains; British actor Patrick Stewart, who starred as Jean-Luc Picard in New Generation, Kate Mulgrew, who was Captain Kathryn Janeway in the Voyager series, Avery Brooks, who starred as Benjamin Sisko, and Scott Bakula, who played Jonathan Archer.

William has expressed interest in appearing in a modern remake of the series helmed by J. J. Abrams after the success of the 2009 film starring Chris Pine, but isn't sure how the filmmaker would deal with his ''ageing'' features.

He said: ''I would love to. I don't know how he would deal with the ageing face and body. That's a conundrum for science fiction, how to deal with the ageing me out there in space. How did I age? I think it's insoluble.

''How much fun it would've been to be in a J. J. Abrams movie playing with a whole new imagination about what this character would have done.''