Midnight Rider director Randall Miller and producer Jody Savan have surrendered to police following their indictment in the death of film crew member Sarah Jones. Jones was hit by a freight train during filming on the Gregg Allman biopic in February.

Randall MillerRandall Miller has turned himself into police [Getty/Alberto Rodriguez]

According to TMZ.com, the two have been charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing for organizing a shoot on a trestle, where Jones - a camera assistant - was killed when the train unexpectedly smashed through the set.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department confirmed that Miller and Savin each posted $27,000 bail and were released after about an hour. The film's executive producer/unit production manager Jay Sedrish was also charged but has yet to turn himself in to authorities. 

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William Hurt had been cast as singer-songwriter Gregg Allman, though quit the project following the fatal accident. The 64-year-old only narrowly escaped injury and was left shaken. 

A hairstylist on Midnight Rider told the Hollywood Reporter that the accident was entirely preventable. Joyce Gilliard, who was also injured by the train, said: "This tragedy could have been prevented if safety preventions and protocols were met and people who were in charge made conscious decisions to ensure we were safe." She said crew members had been told they would have 60 seconds to get off the track, which proved not to be the case.

Gilliard said that the crew were told they would have 60 seconds to vacate the track should a train pass through - which proved not to be the case.  

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