Review of Derivatives Album by William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimons is a strange musical concept, and his music remains just as odd. You may have heard him on TV shows such as Greys Anatomy and Brother and Sisters, he is undeniably an American cult drama artist. You know the type. slightly melancholy, and emotionally depressing.

William Fitzsimmons Derivatives Album

You can tell instantly that his influences are from his real life - parents divorce and his own career in counselling. You can sort of imagine him sat in a counselling session trying to sing it all better with an acoustic guitar, or worse encouraging others to express through music.

Derivatives, although being the forth full length release from Fitzsimmons, is actually a remix of previous work. A slightly risky business, because bringing nothing new doesn't satisfy the cravings of fans, and remixing old favourites can alienate fans. Even the new material like 'I Kissed A Girl' isn't new, it's a cover of Katy Perry.

To be honest, the sound is quite amateur and even a bit cheesy in parts. Perhaps mainly due to the over synthesised studio backing. Explained a little by the fact that his first two albums were produced by himself at home. It sounds like an unsigned demo. The quality picks up as he picks up a guitar, but still this is of an acquired taste.

Looking back at previous material, existing fans may be unsure about this release, there is a definite change. Tracks such as 'I Don't Feel It Anymore' have been brought to life a little, when once they were deeply saddening. The shift may be too much for some who will run back to their original love of his work.

Laura Johnstone

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