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19th November 2015

Quote: "I had a surgery and they put an artificial disc in my neck. I had a disc that was causing some nerve damage, so they had to take it out... I started to have some numbness and atrophy in my arms and so they had to get the disc out immediately." Actor Billy Baldwin is recovering from neck surgery.

7th February 2013

Quote: "Chynna was raised in this crazy rock 'n' roll family... My wife, when she was a child, she lived with Warren Beatty, she lived with Jack Nicholson, she lived with Dennis Hopper, her mother dated Mick Jagger. My dad coached my Little League (baseball) team and was my cub scout leader." Billy Baldwin on his wife Chynna Phillips' wacky upbringing as the daughter of John and Michelle Phillips.

6th February 2013

Quote: "My mother will have her 20th grandchild if all of that is true... I know nothing." Billy Baldwin is refusing to confirm or deny his brother Alec's new wife Hilaria is pregnant.

4th February 2011

Quote: "Can you think of a better way? When you're on the road and you're away from each other... Skype!" Actor William Baldwin keeps his marriage to singer Chynna Phillips alive by getting naughty online via the video calling software.

4th February 2011

Quote: "I was working with Blake Lively the other day and she said, 'Oh, I just found out it looks like I'm doing a movie with your brother... He's gonna play my husband.' I go, 'Wait a second, I play your father, and my brother Alec's gonna play your husband? There is no justice in Hollywood!'" Gossip Girl star William Baldwin is jealous his actor brother Alec Baldwin gets to romance his onscreen daughter in a new movie project.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "My husband has never been abusive in any way, but he's six foot two and intense, so when he expresses himself, it can be very intimidating. I shut down, like I'm a five year old mentally." Actor Billy Baldwin has learned how to lower his voice when speaking to his singer wife Chynna Phillips to help her overcome anxiety issues.

25th October 2009

Fact: Actor Billy Baldwin produced wife Chynna Phillips' new Christian music album.

26th January 2008

Quote: "The days of literally throwing haymakers at each other are long gone. But there are times when we throw verbal and emotional and psychological haymakers at each other for sport." William Baldwin analyses his violent relationship with brothers ALEC, DANIEL and STEPHEN.

5th December 2007

Quote: "ALEC is outspoken and DANIEL has the rap sheet and STEPHEN is the holy roller and BILLY is the good boy. I always say they call me the white sheep of the family." Billy Baldwin on his reputation for being the famous family's good guy.

29th August 2007

Quote: "As far as I'm concerned, no news is good news." William Baldwin thinks his brothers ALEC, STEPHEN and DANIEL are all doing well.

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