Billy Baldwin has accused Donald Trump of hitting on his wife during a party at a New York hotel over 20 years ago.

The actor made the claims on Twitter in response to a tweet from the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. about the latest allegations of sexual harassment against Democratic Senator. Al Franken.

Billy BaldwinBilly Baldwin claims President Trump once ‘hit on’ his wife Chynna Phillips

Baldwin Told Trump Jr: ‘Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations.

‘In fact…I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel… your father showed up uninvited & hit on my wife... invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City.’

The actor finished by adding: ‘She showed his fat a** the door’ and the hashtag #TrumpRussia.

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A man who was at the party later told the New York Daily News that Baldwin had been hosting a small birthday gathering at a room in the hotel for his soon-to-be wife Chynna Phillips.

According to the guest, Trump, who owned the hotel at the time, ‘came barging in and started saying, “Let’s get in my helicopter, let’s blow this party and get out of here.”’

The guest added that there were only about five people in the room at the time and they grew uncomfortable when Trump entered. Trump is then said to have zeroed in on Phillips and ‘looked her up and down’.

‘He tried to coerce her into getting in his helicopter,’ the guest said. ‘(Phillips) laughed uncomfortably at the prospect and said thanks but no thanks.’

Billy Baldwin is the younger brother of Alec Baldwin, who regularly impersonates Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'. He has been married to singer Chynna Phillips since 1995 and the couple have three children together.