Will Young feels ''more like a man'' when he wears a dress.

The 'Joy' singer thinks people are growing increasingly more confident in experimenting and expressing themselves through their appearance and says it is a very ''exciting'' time for society.

He said: ''I've been spending a fair amount of time at a great night called 'Sink the Pink'. There are so many different types of people. There are men that dress up. It's all about gender identity. So they're not pretending to be a woman dressing up in whatever outfit they want to wear. They're expressing themselves in how they want to express themselves.

''I mean I go round and I wear dresses. I bought something in Kos the other day from the woman's section and it was amazing! What I'm really interested in now and it's happening and I think there is a revolution now actually and it's really exciting.

''And I can be a bloke and wear a dress and I feel more like a man than I do when I'm dressed in more men's clothes because I feel like I'm really occupying the dress if that makes sense. You know like Scots people they're really manly and you're like 'oh a man in a kilt' there's no difference! I went to Kos and I bought a onesie, it looks amazing.

''I think it is really exciting time here in England, I think we're quite far ahead in our embracing in changing things.''

The 36-year-old star has a huge admiration for transgender people and the way they deal with their situation.

He added: ''People have been going through it for years and I can't imagine what it would be like to not feel like I am the person in this body, can you imagine what it feels like. I have two friends who have kids who are most likely transgender, it's great they just wonder around in dresses. I haven't ever, and I take my hat off to anyone who's gone through it. And I think it's cool because in this country we are really embracing it.''