Will Young is planning to record a covers album of songs made famous by women.

The 41-year-old star thinks the project will be ''really cool'' and not only does he want to sing tracks recorded originally by female artists, he also wants a female producer.

And the record will give Will the chance to sing a song he's wanted to perform for years.

Asked what he's doing next, he told Attitude magazine: ''A covers album but of women's songs and I want it to be produced by a female producer, which would be really cool.

''And I want to sing Lisa Stansfield's song, 'All Woman', which is what I wanted to sing on 'World Idol', where they got all the 'Pop Idol' winners from around the world but they wouldn't let me.''

The 'Leave Right Now' hitmaker will celebrate 20 years since he shot to fame on 'Pop Idol' in 2022 and he's planning to mark the occasion with both a new album and a documentary film.

He said: ''I've started writing for my next studio album for 2022, which will be 20 years since 'Pop Idol' and I want to make a documentary about that.''

Meanwhile, Will previously admitted to being paranoid about his sexuality when he was younger.

The singer tried his best to keep his sexuality under wraps during his teenage years.

He said: ''I would wear red New Balance trainers and I became fixated that somebody would see the fact I was wearing red trainers meant I was obviously gay.

''The fact I was always wearing vintage floral shirts didn't seem to cross my mind for some reason. But the red trainers were a source of constant worry.''