Will Young is being plagued by ''audition dreams''.

The singer - who made his movie debut in 'Mrs. Henderson Presents' - recently tried out for a new big screen role and as a result, thinks he will continue to have nocturnal visions reliving the moment until he finds out whether he has got the part.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I'm having lots of audition dreams at the moment, I've just auditioned for this film, I probably shouldn't say because it probably won't happen, but I'm waiting.

''I had this dream and they were like, 'They want to know if you can do this', it was something really weird. It's the worst thing about auditioning, you wait and then you just have audition dreams until you know.''

The 'Come On' singer recently finished a UK tour and despite being on the road for a log time, he insists there isn't much he asks for backstage to make himself feel more comfortable.

He said: ''On my rider there is hardly anything. Just a stereo because on tour I always buy new music, otherwise it's very dull and boring. I don't like being distracted.

''A DVD player so I can watch films. Maybe some beers.''