Will Young ''loves'' being able to communicate with his fans on social media.

The 36-year-old singer is a massive fan of the various Internet platforms and especially enjoys sharing photos on Instagram.

He also thinks it's great that pop stars and others in the public eye are now able to ''put to bed mistruths'' by using Twitter and Facebook.

Talking about the effects of social media on music stars, he told the new issue of Hunger Magazine: ''I don't think it's invasive. It's only invasive if you let it be. I kind of love it actually. Some days I do think, 'What the hell is this?' But then in terms of Instagram I always take pictures anyway so it's all about sharing. I think it's great that there's a place where people can share interesting images. And I like the fact that I can get in touch with fans and people that like me. The huge thing for people in the spotlight is that you can put to bed mistruths very quickly now.''

The 'Jealousy' hitmaker - who was shot by renowned photographer Rankin for the magazine - has built up a very dedicated following since he first found fame on TV talent show 'Pop Idol' in 2001 and is thrilled that so many of his fans have stayed so loyal to him over the last 14 years.

But he won't let their loyalty stop him from trying new things creatively, which meant Will had no hesitation taking his music in a different direction on new album '85% Proof' - which was released this week.

He explained: ''The thing is there's always the fear. I'm freelance basically - I'm self-employed and I can lose my job. Who knows! But I could be worrying about that for the next 50 years and get to 80 and then think, 'Oh s**t, I never wrote that album because I was terrified about not being in the charts.' I just try to write without any fear.''

Will's interview with Hunger Magazine can be viewed at http://www.hungertv.com/feature/the-interview-will-young/ and his latest LP is out now.