Will Young is proud of Sam Smith.

The former 'Pop Idol' winner loves to see other gay singers achieve success in their career and was thrilled to hear that Sam had been chosen to write and record the theme tune for upcoming James Bond movie 'Spectre'.

Will, who released his sixth album '85% Proof' in May and has a new single 'Thank You' out on Friday (25.09.15), said: ''Isn't that amazing? That's amazing. I love great singers. If someone's doing really well, like Sam, and they're really good I love it, I love their success and I love the fact that they're doing great.

''It's so nice to see someone who is a brilliant singer, and he's doing great, and he's gay, so it's like double brilliant!''

Sam has written and recorded 'Writing's On The Wall' for the 24th Bond movie in the franchise.

Will admitted that he does get jealous over some artists' success but not when he thinks it is deserved, as in Sam's case.

He added: ''Because everyone has jealousy, like 'ooh God,' that really doesn't come into play. The only time I get frustrated is when people are perceived to be doing really well and I just think they're c**p, and I can't mention who they are but I wish I could.

''And I love Olly [Alexander] from Years & Years. I think they've come in from an interesting place, it is pop, it's melancholy electric pop, kind of like what I did on my last record. Again I should be really jealous but I can't be because it's really good! There are loads of good people and the ones that aren't really good, you know hey, I have to keep my mouth shut.''