Will Smith has signed on to produce a film adaptation of the graphic novel 'Harlem Hellfighters'.

The 45-year-old actor will team up with Sony Pictures to bring Max Brooks' upcoming novel - which is inspired by the true story of the all African-American 369th Infantry Regiment which fought in the US Army During World War I and II - to the big screen.

The 'After Earth' star has signed a deal with Sony - who own the rights to the graphic novel - to produce a live-action film, according to Shadow and Act, although there has so far been no indication as to whether he will also appear in the movie.

'Harlem Hellfighters' writer Max is best known for writing the book 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War' which was later adapted into successful zombie horror 'World War Z', which starred Brad Pitt.

His new work - which will show how the men in the famed infantry regiment returned to the United States as heroes but faced racism from their fellow soldiers, citizens and the government - is expected to be released next month and meanwhile Smith is already attached to a number of other projects including 'Brilliance', 'Focus'. 'Hancock 2' and 'Bad Boys 3'.