Will Smith is working on new music with Drake.

The 46-year-old rapper turned actor - who last released an album in 2005 titled 'Lost And Found' - has revealed he's writing new music, and may be collaborating with the 'Started From The Bottom' hitmaker.

Will revealed the news on the first episode of his son Jaden Smith's new Beats 1 radio show, the new 24/7 radio station running on Apple Music, during which he said the 16-year-old had invited him to a ''group chat'' with the hip hop star.

Elsewhere in the segment, the 'Miami' singer admitted he's in a ''creative ceiling'' where he's writing lots of material.

He said: ''I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet but I'm exploring. I'm in a creative ceiling.

''I can't write and stop, I have to keep going and going and write them out.''

Drake isn't the first star Will has hinted at working with as he previously stated he recorded ''seven or eight'' songs with Kanye West.

He said at the time: ''You know I've recorded a lot. I've recorded a lot. I don't have anything I like yet, but I've probably recorded seven or eight [songs]. It's not for certain, it's just explorative.''