Will Smith has hailed the Hollywood strikes as a "pivotal moment" for the industry.

The 54-year-old star has shown his support for actors union SAG-AFTRA after they ordered a strike across TV, theatrical, and streaming productions earlier this month - joining members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) who had already downed tools - amid concerns over wages for actors and creators in the industry, AI technology, and how the profits of digital streaming on services such as Netflix and Disney+ can be divided.

He wrote on Instagram: "I wanna talk for a second about ACTING. As some of yall mighta heard, my guild, @SAGAFTRA are on strike along with our writer colleagues in the WGA. It’s a pivotal moment for our profession.(sic)"

The 'King Richard' star made his comments in an Instagram praising his "friend, teacher and mentor" Aaron Speiser for helping him to feel less of a fraud in his own career and admitted he'd felt inspired after joining the acting teacher at one of his classes and getting the chance to meet his young students.

He continued: "33 years into my career as an actor and there are still some days when I feel like I’m that kid from Philly who’s on borrowed time, even though I know I’ve been extraordinarily blessed and lucky to have worked as an actor all this time.

"It’s thanks to my friend, my teacher and my mentor @aaronspeiser whom I fondly refer to as ‘coach’ that those days when I feel like I don’t belong are fewer and further between.

"Coach invited me to an acting class the other day and I met a group of our talented next generation of actors and they amazed and inspired me!

"I’m grateful to coach for continuing to support these talented hopefuls in this art-form that I love and have been lucky enough to work in for three decades of my life! Thanks COACH!(sic)"