Who doesn't love a good end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it movie? No one. Everyone loves end-of-the-world movies, that includes zombies, post-apocalypse, nature taking over, unexplained events, or even films like Wall-E (one of the best Pixar movies to date), which envisions Earth-post humanity. 

Will Smith is pretty much the king of this genre, having starred in Independence Day, I Am Legend, and three Men in Black movies, all of which tackle the prospect of a disastrous alien invasion. His latest offering to this genre is After Earth, which doesn't actually seem to examine how humans died out, but how humans may be able to cope on a version of Earth that is made for the destruction of our race, rather than vice versa. 

The trailer for After Earth has finally been released. Once again Will Smith joins forces with his young son Jaden as a father and son fighting the realities of (a version of) life (as in The Pursuit of Happyness). The official synopsis explains that the pair's flight vehicle is damaged while traversing the universe causing them to crash land on Earth, the planet our race was forced to flea. As Cypher (Will) is injured at the craft, Kitai (Jaden) is forced to navigate the alien land to save them both. Sounds exciting? It looks it too.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Village, The Lady in the Water) and written by Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli), it has all the makings of a great film. We have to wait until next summer to see it in its entirety, but for now check out the trailer to see what you think: