The Men in Black are back! But sadly they’ve left one of their top agents behind as Will Smith will not be part of Men in Black 4 when it eventually hits our screens again ready to brainwash memories and make friends with all the life out there that there is.

Will SmithWill Smith is a man in black no more

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, who produced Men in Black and its two sequels, have confirmed that the Men are getting a reboot and going forward but without Mr Smith.

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Men in Black 4 is actually the first in a second trilogy and is likely to have a whole new smartly suited man for the women to drool over.

Parkes said: "We’re in the middle of it. It’s very active."

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All three of the Men films have been Smith’s biggest money makers - from the popular first, to the more maligned second, through to the decade later internationally lucrative third film.

Smith doesn’t seem interested in reprising any of his high earning roles having also turned down the opportunity to star in Independence Day 2, despite the first film being Smith’s highest grossing film ever.

While Smith is out, few details have been announced about who is in and little is known about Tommy Lee Jones or Josh Brolin’s plan.

But what thing is for sure: the Men in Black are back.