The Graham Norton show brought on an unexpected Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion this week, as Will Smith performed with his son Jaden and even DJ Jazzy Jeff paid a surprise visit. The whole thing came about as Jaden got up to prove he had inherited his dad’s rapping prowess in a freestyle, as Smith Sr. beatboxed. Jaden got an enthusiastic ovation from the audience, before his dad took over for a verse. And that’s where it got intense, as Will rapped: "Last time I was here, I did my 'Fresh Prince' rap / Eight million YouTube hits was on that / I can see your face, you like, 'What has he left?' / Well, this time I brought my DJ Jazzy Jeff!"

Cue camera pan to Dj Jazzy Jeff and the start of the most intense Fresh Prince medley television has seen yet. But it was when Smith brought on the final surprise of the night – Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton himself – that things really kicked off. You have not watched television, until you’ve seen Graham Norton bust a move alongside Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro, in our humble opinion. Luckily, you can just scroll down to the clip, courtesy of the BBC, and feast your eyes.

We personally favor Alfonso in the dance off, but, then again, Norton’s hips don’t lie either. In any case, the biggest winners of the night were the people in the studio audience, who got to enjoy what can definitely be put down as a great moment of television.

Will Smith, BBC Radio 1Alfonso Ribeiro, 5th Annual George Lopez Golf Classic
It's always a good time when these two join forces.