Black Eyed Peas singer and superstar producer was kicked out of United Airlines First Class lounge after allegedly being told his membership card for fake. The singer hit out at the company on Twitter, calling United Airlines "the worse" adding it, "should know who (its) customers are." was kicked out of the United Airlines lounge

It is not known at which airport the incident happened, though was in Washington with P Diddy later that day. Writing on Twitter, he said: "#unitedairlines is the worse. I'm a member and I have my card to prove it. But they tell me my card is fake and kick me out the lounge. #ouch."

The Voice coach added: "Ha ha ha, I got kick(ed) out the club ... #unitedclubsucks."

Another tweet, accompanied with a photo of a chair at the airport, read: "I fly so much ... a business should know who (its) customers are. It's OK, I'm making this my lounge."

"I get kicked out of the @united lounge because they say I'm not a member ... oh well ... and then the @united pilot asks me to take a selfie."

Why is more popular than Nicky Hilton: could become an even richer man next week, after news that Beats Electronics - of which he is an equity shareholder - is being sold to Apple for $3.2 billon. Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, explained why he is so bullish about the future of Beats.

"Beats is an answer to a void growing in our industry," he told Yahoo finance. "CEOs and musicians forgot that music has always been about hardware and technology."

Maybe it's a bold statement," he said. "I believe music should be free, and you monetize your tours and products [as a recording artist]."

"People actually choose to wear [Beats] ... it's fashion," he added. "Everything else is...some tech company's perspective on what they think people are going to wear, but it hasn't really caught on."

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